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Quite a nice name, don't you think? Cash-Here!

But unfortunately the program itself is not that good ...

They do not come close to the Best 10 savings programs in the Netherlands .

We do not recommend that you register yourself there, but rather with those ten good ones ...

Below you can read in a complete review with an assessment of all the important points why that is.

In this review:

Pros and cons

They make use of the so-called Account Score ;

This means that registration is not without obligation , but you are obliged to make purchases. Otherwise you cannot have your earnings paid out;

Unfortunately, we have also experienced that participating in promotions (trying to get that account score high) often goes wrong , and you therefore miss out on an account score and cashback;

All in all, you earn very little with it ...

How does work?

Savings programs are actually a US phenomenon. There it is called "get-paid-to" websites (GPT). This is a logical name, because you get paid for doing all kinds of simple things . You can do many of these kinds of assignments in a short period of time, so that you can ultimately earn well despite the low reward.

As soon as you have earned a balance of $ 12, you can have this paid out to your bank account, provided your account score is high enough ... more about that later, first a table with all the tasks for which you are rewarded:

Task Reward
Sign up bonus $ 1.25 at registration
Read emails 0.5 euro cents per read advertising email
Banner clicks Almost every day a banner that is also worth 0.5 cents, and they also have click & win banners, where you can make at 10 cents
Social media likes You can like things on Facebook for 1 cent per like
Playing games There are games, but you always have to pay to participate. Actually gambling so ...
Cashback (discount) There are quite a few cashback options. Not nearly as much as with real cashback sites, and as mentioned it regularly goes wrong ...
Complete surveys This is not possible, a pity because you often earn the fastest / most with savings programs!
Bringing in friends Get $ 1 as a referral bonus, which is paid out when your friend earns $ 2.50
Participate in promotions Yes, including some free promotions, but they are few
Offers They have discount codes and offers
Save n / a
Jackpot n / a
Gamble n / a
Additional n / a

How much will you earn?

This savings program has a number of flaws. For example, they offer little cashback and no option to participate in paid surveys / surveys. While you can earn a lot from competitors with this. This makes the earnings disappointing.

In addition, you must have a high account score of at least 5.5 because otherwise you cannot have your earnings paid out. The first time you can do this by participating in free promotions, but after that you cannot keep up and you will also have to do paid promotions. In short: you have to spend part of your earnings in order to have the rest paid out. So again at the expense of how much you earn at the bottom of the line.

This works out to a few euros per month, maximum! To compare: if you sign up for all 10 best savings programs in the Netherlands without an account score , you just earn a few hundred US dollars a month!

Is CashHier reliable?

Bottom line: if you meet the conditions of account score, your money will really arrive in your account. We have also received payments from this party. So the reliability is sufficient, we cannot be difficult about that.

What we wonder about any savings program with an account score at all, is why they need it so much? Why force your members to participate in actions they don't need? Then we believe you mainly want to earn money from your members and not necessarily build a nice lasting relationship.


The website is owned by Extraeuro Ltd Indeed, that is also the name of a comparable site. In fact, they have a series of these types of sites that all look exactly the same. There are some minor detail differences in the limit when you can cash out and the starting bonus.


Unfortunately this program is not worthwhile. In particular because strict use is made of an account score. This actually only shows that the program mainly wants to earn TO its members, and not FOR its members.

It is better to register yourself with the 10 best savings programs , they do not have an account score, you earn more and you will receive it neatly paid. If you sign up with all ten, you will earn more and your extra income can even go up to 200 - 500 US dollars per month!