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To be fair, this is really a reliable site.

But they lose out to many of their competitors.

And we are referring to the 10 best savings programs in the Netherlands .

You can earn a lot more there!

You can read why this is the case in this review with an assessment of all important aspects below.

Further in this review:

Pros and cons

Excellent basic earnings with enough paid emails and banner clicks

Also reasonable reward for introducing members ($ 2.00)

No paid surveys, while that normally earns the fastest with savings programs

Few cashback options

They don't use an account score , but they do use something very similar.

How does it work?

Originally savings programs are called "get-paid-to sites". This is because you get paid to do all kinds of very simple and small tasks. That's the funny thing about making money with savings programs , and makes it so easy to do.

All those assignments may not yield much per item, but because you can literally click hundreds of mails, click banner, etc. per month with several savings programs next to each other, it still deserves very good in total!

As soon as you have saved $ 12.50, you can have this transferred to your bank account. Below is an overview with all the ways why you can get this together at PaidMails.

Earn with ... compensation
Sign up bonus $ 2.00 directly with your registration
Paid emails $ 0.008 per email *
Click banners Same as the emails
Likes on social media You receive $ 0.05 per like on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
Playing games -
Cashback (discount) Few options, especially if you compare it to the thousands of web shops where you can get (better) discounts via real cashback websites .
Complete surveys -
Apply members $ 2.00 per introduced member + 20% on the earnings of those members!
Participate in promotions Few free promotions
Offers They have daily offers, but that's not an exclusive thing
Save Compare eg energy, SIM only or TV-internet calling. You reduce your subscription costs and receive cashback when you switch.
Jackpot -
Gamble -
Click and win promotions -

* the amount of these fees varies according to your 'bonus'. More on that later.

How much do you earn here?

We have already touched on it, but this program is missing some crucial parts that you normally earn the best in savings programs. And then there are dir, namely: 1) completing surveys, 2) shopping for cashback, and 3) bringing in members.

It must be said, they score well on that last point. Especially the 20% on the earnings of your appointed members seems nice, but make no mistake: because the first two points score very badly, your friends who have been introduced will not earn anything, so that this still yields very little.

Then about the so-called 'bonus'. This is not an account score but is very similar. If you participate in promotions or cashback shopping, this bonus will increase. As a result, you get paid more per e-mail read. This can amount to 2 cents.

But it also expires over time, so it forces you to keep participating in actions. And because there are hardly any free promotions, you also have to spend money for this. The only difference with the dreaded account score is that you can have your money paid out regardless of your bonus score, just to call it that.

How much do you earn with Well a few cents to euros per month. No more. That's a stark contrast to the $ 300 you can earn per month by signing up to the top ten savings programs !

Are payment emails reliable?

Yes, we dare to say that. We have tested this ourselves and participated faithfully, and have also received an uti payment. So that is all good, we think. So you do not have to worry that you will click all those emails for free, you will really get your earnings paid!

About Paid Emails is an initiative of RSA Online Finance Ltd. They have more sites like this and do other online activities. One of the more famous other savings programs is


Not a bad site, but a waste of your time because there are much better savings programs in the Netherlands where you can earn more! You do not need to register more than our top 10. Then it is better to try out other ways of earning money via the internet in addition to a savings program, that is a bit more variety and often earns just a little better.

Think of completing surveys for money , or making money with affiliate marketing ! And if you THEN still have time left, okay then you should register yourself with Paid Mail, but we do not believe that ANYONE can have so much free time ...