Is YouGov Reliable? Reviews and Experiences

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Also interested in making money with surveys ?

Do you want to become a member of YouGov Netherlands or YouGov Belgium ?

That in itself is not a bad idea at all.

Although, on the other hand, they are not one of the top 10 paid survey sites (NL & BE).

Basically, you better register yourself with those ten first , but YouGov is always a good addition if you have time to spare.

Why, of course, we explain in a full review in which we assess all the important points.

In this review:

Pros and cons

  The rewards are fair and there are plenty of studies to take part in too;

Payment can be made in cash to your bank account, which is positive.

Unfortunately, you cannot choose other payment options, so for example no gift vouchers

It is strange that you never know in advance what reward you will receive for an investigation, nor how long it will take. That makes it difficult to estimate whether you are willing or able to participate and is simply not transparent;

You can officially participate from the age of 18, but they actually recruit mainly from the age of 21. That is a shame because with the better panels you can participate from 16 and sometimes even from 13.

About YouGov

YouGov is a market research agency specializing in data and analysis. A major player that works with major brands as a customer. The focus is mainly the media industry. They have their own research panel where you can become a member and participate in their research for a fee.

The organization is active in 37 countries spread over all contignents. The panel has more than 11 million members and most of the surveys are conducted in North America, Europe and, specifically, many in the UK, where the company originates. The Netherlands and Belgium are somewhat newer markets in which they have not been active for long.

The fact that the customers are mainly news companies means that the subjects of the surveys must always have a certain news value. Often it is about opinion about current affairs, such as politics, economics and the like.

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How does it work?

To begin with, you must of course register. Only your zip code and year of birth is enough, then you also earn your first 20 points. Always nice if a survey panel works with a sign-up bonus, you don't start at $ 0, -

It is important to mention that your membership is always free and without obligation. The former may not be surprising, but the latter is all the more important to remember: there is no obligation to participate in surveys or, for example, a minimum number of surveys per month.

If you participate, that is nice and you earn with it, if not then there is no man overboard. With every invitation you receive for a new questionnaire, you can still decide for yourself whether you want to participate.

What unfortunately makes this difficult is that the invitation does not contain any information about the survey to be completed. Not how many points / euros you get as a reward and not even how long it takes to complete everything.

We think that is a minus point, all other survey sites do this and that helps you make this choice. Perhaps you would like a longer investigation for a higher reimbursement because you can then have it paid out? Or maybe you are on the train for another 10 minutes that you want to fill with a short survey?

It may also happen that you want to accept an invitation but you still turn out not to be able to participate. Because the maximum number of respondents has already been reached, but also because you cannot participate based on your profile.

However, you can prevent this by properly filling in your profile characteristics and also keeping them up-to-date when something changes. We therefore recommend that you do this at all survey sites where you are a member. Based on that information, only the right invites can be sent to you and you avoid that disappointment.

You can also make the studies in the app, which is handy for your phone or tablet. But if you prefer your laptop is fine too. As far as we know, there are no surveys at YouGov that are required to be completed on a particular device.

As with most survey sites, you will earn money by completing surveys. Sometimes, however, it may also be the case that you can test products, although there is often a questionnaire after it.

You can make them on your laptop but also on your tablet or phone. You share your opinion on all kinds of subjects. These can be brands, products, advertisements, but also political issues.

After taking a survey, your reward will be immediately credited to your account. You can then have those points paid out from a minimum of 1500. This goes in cash to your bank account. In this example, that is an amount of ten US dollars. You can of course also save longer for a higher amount, but your points will always remain worth the same.

How much do you earn?

The rewards are fair at YouGov. And we do not necessarily mean much higher or lower than most other parties in this market offer. The limitation is more in how many surveys you can make per week / month to calculate how much you can earn.

The solution to this is to always join multiple sites. Then you will receive more invitations anyway and you can participate in more sureys. Especially if you take the websites from the Top 10 best survey panels as a starting point, you will earn the most. If you participate in all of these you can easily earn $ 500 per month .

Is the YouGov survey panel reliable?

There are really some small things to criticize about the panel and the information that is available to members, but in general they are very positive. Saving does not go very quickly until you can pay out, but in principle this always goes well.

And it is the honesty and that you ultimately get your money is the most important if we want to assess reliability. So you know for sure that you are not taking part in all those studies for nothing. So the answer is yes, YouGov is reliable.


Again: YouGov NL and Yougov BE are excellent survey panels that deserve a positive review. They offer a good experience to their members where you can earn some extra money in a fair way. Good site, good app, nice studies on current topics.

They just aren't one of the top survey sites given the caveats we've outlined above. We therefore recommend that you first register with the 10 best paid survey sites and only if you want to earn even more on top of that and have time to do so, see this panel as an additional option.