World of Tomorrow panel Reliable? Reviews & Experiences

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Pay attention! World of Tomorrow no longer exists!

For alternatives, check out our Top 10 Best Reliable Paid Survey Sites , or take our surveys page on making money .


Would you like to become a member of the World of Tomorrow panel?

Good that you take our experiences there first. In this article we give you our review and an assessment of all the important points.

In this review:

Pros and cons

Hip and contemporary website. Try to do it in a different way, more online for young target audience.

Besides questionnaires you can also participate in forum discussions.

No rewards in cash yet, but in value or gift vouchers.

About World of Tomorrow

Unfortunately they no longer exist. Take a look at our page about making money with surveys in the 10 best panels in the Netherlands to read where you should definitely register!

How does it work?

Registration is completely free (no costs) and also completely without obligation . You will then automatically receive invitations to participate in surveys by email. These are done for different companies with the aim of improving products or designing new services.

A plus about World of Tomorrow is that they do their very best to make the studies really interesting . This is because they see that other online research agencies often only go through long surveys with many of the same types of questions. With this they manage to make it more fun and less boring.

Especially interesting here are the forum discussion, where members can discuss a topic. A moderator is also affiliated with this to ensure that everyone remains on-topic. The nice thing about this way is that you can compare opinions and reactions often evoke new reactions and insights.

How much will you earn?

World of Tomorrow no longer exists so unfortunately you can no longer register.

But we have a lot of other good options in the Top 10 best research panels ... so just register with multiple panels and you will earn up to $ 500 per month!

Is World of Tomorrow reliable?

Unfortunately, we were no longer able to assess this because the site ceased to exist. So we don't know whether their payouts were actually processed properly.

Final verdict

Our conclusion is that World of Tomorrow is really a potential winner for the future. We believe they will become one of the best in the industry if they stick to their philosophy.