Earn-Money.Com Reliable? Experiences / Review

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Is earn-geld.com fake?

Because it doesn't really seem like a reliable site.

And that's right, you should n't sign up with this site!

They say they are a panel, but they are not .

They just want your data to send you advertising, about some real survey sites they get money from, or even other types of ads ...

Just take a look at our Top 10 best paying survey sites and choose which one you want to join. We have a separate top 10 for the Netherlands and Belgium for you.

In this review:

Pros and cons

They are not a survey panel / agency at all, they do not send paid surveys at all.

They are just trying to steal your data in order to sell you something.

You don't need this party at all, you can also find the best paid survey sites yourself.

About Verdien-Geld.com

This site is simply a party that cleverly responds to the phenomenon of making money by completing surveys . That is one of the best ways to earn some extra money via the internet. That is why there are probably people from whom they can get their personal / contact details, because they think they can be trusted.

But if you look closely you will see that the site only has one page, and the link to the terms and conditions does not even work! So don't cooperate, you don't know where your data is and to whom it will be passed on.

How does it work?

The website is not working / active at all. It is only 1 page that is intended to find your contact details. Even the general terms and conditions do not work. They say they're going to send you paid surveys, but that's really not going to happen.

How much can you earn?

Signing up to this site does not earn you anything, in the best case it costs you nothing except a lot of spam and headaches.

There are plenty of good survey sites out there too, and if you sign up to those 10 you will have plenty of work and earn just a few hundred US dollars a month .

Is Verdien-Geld.com reliable?

Absolutely not! There are no general terms and conditions, they do not say what they will do with your data, it is not even known which company is behind the website in which country! The website has only 1 page with a small piece of text full of spelling and language errors.


Registration makes no sense and is actually dangerous because you do not know where your data is. Definitely don't! It can still cause you enough trouble.

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We have tested it for you ourselves by registering with us, but we don't need your data before we tell you which one is the best. The choice where you want to register yourself is entirely up to you.