Vava Lifestyle Research Reliable? Experiences / Review

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Are you considering participating in the Vava Lifestyle Research (

Read this review first!

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No, that will become clear to you in the review below ;-)

In this review:

Pros and cons

Interesting studies that are fun to make

You can win big prizes such as a year of no fixed costs or a year of free groceries

But otherwise you do not earn any money or coupons, so there is a good chance that you will be left empty-handed

You can only participate once every 4 years!

What is Vava Research?

Vava is actually an abbreviation for United Providers of A brands. The research panel is part of EDM Ltd, the Dutch branch of EDM Media Group that is also active in England and Belgium. In addition to consumer research, they do a lot with digital and data-driven (data science) solutions, where the starting point is to help organizations to better communicate with their customers on the basis of that data, by basically understanding them better.

The aim of the Vava panel is therefore to gain more insight into consumer behavior. That is why they conduct market research to advise companies on how to improve their products, services or marketing campaigns. Of course, those institutions are willing to pay for that, because they will also sell more. No problem for EDM to raffle substantial prizes among the participants, because then more people will participate!

How do the studies work?

You can first determine on the site which studies there are. You know immediately for which price you are competing, because you base your choice on that. Of course you have to be happy if you turn out to be the winner!

Registering and participating is also little effort, and completely free and without any obligation. So if you still want to change your research or not participate, you can.

After you have completed the survey, you will automatically be entered into the prize draw. If you have won, you will be notified. On the site you can see all kinds of examples of previous winners.

What can you earn with it?

In principle, you compete for a nice prize once, but otherwise you earn nothing. So $ 0, -. You shouldn't do it for that. If you want to earn some extra money, you have to register yourself with the 10 best paid survey sites and Vava is just fun to do something different, nothing more.

Is Vava reliable?

Oops this is a loaded part! Because although there is actually reason from our own experience to doubt the reliability, you read a lot of bad stories online.

We ourselves always pay particular attention to the correct allocation of rewards and the correct payment of earnings, but with this panel there is of course no compensation in the form of money or coupons, so that cannot be checked.

Many people do complain that after completing a Vava Survey they suddenly receive spam from all sides from shady companies, even by telephone! That would mean that the privacy and security of your data is not right.

Now they do have a privacy guarantee feature, but they are not recognized by market research sector organizations such as ESOMAR and MOA (at least that is nowhere to be found). Those are basically any other survey site though! Please note that we cannot prove this, but it does not feel quite comfortable ...

To participate or not?

It really doesn't hurt, because you can participate more once every four years. So it's not like you're wasting time that you could have spent on another panel. And you have a chance of winning big prizes! Much more serious things to win than other survey sites that work with lotteries or prize draws.

So just join us once, but especially after that, get started with several of the 10 best survey sites to really earn well, up to hundreds of euros per month!