Triaba Reliable? Experiences / Review

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Hey we didn't know that survey site yet: &

At the Triaba Panel you can complete paid surveys online .

But is it worth it ?

We have sorted that out for you!

We can tell you that they are NOT in the list with the 10 best paid survey sites (neither for Belgium nor for the Netherlands).

You can better register yourself there ...

Why we think this can be read below in a full review with a rating on all features.

In this review:

Pros and cons

Modern and well-functioning website

Few complaints about rewards payment (cash via PayPal)

In comparison with other survey sites, far too few surveys

Which means you can also earn less per week / month

About is part of the umbrella, a Norwegian survey company that is fully dedicated to online market research in collaboration with the Swedish Cint AB that provides the technology behind it with which the questionnaires are administered.

They are members of the American Marketing Association (AMA), comply with the AAPOR Code and ESOMAr Code of Conduct. In other words: your data is safe and the studies are conducted in a good way.

In total, they are active in more than 60 countries on all continents and have more than 15 million members in all those panels. They conduct their research on behalf of companies and governments with the aim of collecting information for them that can improve products, services and marketing communications.

How does the Triaba panel work?

Step 1 - Register. Registration costs you nothing and is therefore free. In addition, it is also without obligations and therefore without obligation. This means that you are never obliged to accept an invitation to participate in a particular study.

Step 2 - Fill in profile. We recommend that you provide as much information as possible in your profile so that Triaba can properly determine to which target groups you do and do not belong. Otherwise it may happen more often that you will be sent the wrong questionnaires, which you will eventually be thrown out without any reward. But then you have often already put in work and that is a bit of a shame ...

Step 3 - Complete surveys. As soon as you are registered you will automatically receive invitations to participate in surveys. Make sure you don't wait too long to respond, because they are often only active for a few days. Again: you do not have to participate, but then of course you also earn less / nothing.

Step 4 - Payout. Immediately after you have successfully completed a survey, you will receive your reward in your account. From a balance of $ 5, you can have this paid out via your PayPal account. From here you can spend it or transfer it back to your bank account. This deposit to your account costs nothing because it is a free service.

How much can you earn with it?

The annoying thing at this point is that the reward per survey taken is fine in itself if you compare it to the other panels. All the more it is such a shame that you simply do n't get enough studies to participate in!

You only receive 1-7 per week, depending on the target group you belong to. With an average reimbursement of $ 1, you do not earn very much. You should therefore combine this panel with other websites in any case to be able to expect a reasonable extra income. But it is not a waste of your time either.

Are they reliable?

There are tens of thousands of reviews of this panel online and there are really few complaints among them. Hard to believe, even. So they have their processes in order. We have of course also registered and can confirm this image.

Surveys are pleasant to fill out, rewards are awarded quickly, and earnings are always paid out to your PayPal account without any hassle and accurately. Not to complain about the reliability.

Final Conclusion

Not a bad panel, but just not one of the best. So first sign up with several of the 10 best survey panels in the Netherlands / Belgium before you have to think about participating in this site.

If Triaba can change this, we do think that they have the potential to end up in the Top 10, because they score well enough in other areas. However, how much you can earn with it weighs just a bit more for us than the rest.