'Take a Break' Reliable? Experiences / Review

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Take A Break is a panel that can sometimes be found in our top 10 highest paid survey sites .

The reason they do not have a fixed listing is that they only admit new members sporadically .

That's a shame, because it is certainly a good community to join if you want to earn money with surveys .

We explain why we think so in this article, a complete review with assessments on all important points based on our own experiences as a member, but also those of our visitors.

Tip : register with the other ten or nine research panels anyway, because then you can participate more and you will therefore earn more!

In this review:

Pros and cons

Innovative and interactive way of research. Not a few long boring questionnaires but also online forum discussions;

You always know where you stand because the subjects are always focused on coffee, tea or other sometimes drinks. Especially if you like / important coffee and tea, that is extra nice!

The earnings are excellent because the compensation per study participated is good;

Unfortunately there are not as often new surveys as with other panels;

They are not always looking for new members, so it is an exclusive community that it is a privilege to join. In other words: if you get the chance to register, do it!

About TakeABreak

This community is powered by Future Talkers, which itself was a panel but is temporarily not online. They all do things slightly differently from the majority of the survey sites. Because in addition to the simple questionnaires that you can fill in for a fee at each panel, Future Talkers does its best to conduct market research in an innovative and above all interactive way.

For example, you can regularly participate in online forums to discuss a research question live with a group. It also happens that you can write an article / essay about a theme. In short: it is varied and less tedious.

The websites and panels are both owned by InSites Consulting. A Dutch company that wants to be groundbreaking in digital market research since 1997, and at the moment they are among the 100 largest and 10 most innovative companies in market research worldwide (they have won a prize there). They operate from 7 locations on 3 continents and have a focus on large internationals, government and NGOs to optimize their marketing efforts.

How does the community work?

So if you can become a member of TakeABreak then you should definitely do that, because the registration is only open very sometimes. Registration is of course free of charge and without obligation, more about that later. Please make sure that you immediately fill in your profile characteristics properly and completely. And of course they are only looking for people who actually drink coffee and tea ...

If you do not fill in your profile properly, or if you do not keep this information up to date, so that it is no longer correct, there is a good chance that you will be invited to the wrong surveys. But then it often appears in the survey that you do not fit in the target group and you are still not allowed to participate.

That is not only a waste of your time and enthusiasm at that moment, since you will not receive any reward, but it may even be that you miss out on invitations for research that would have been suitable for you and you also miss those earnings!

But enough about your profile. If all this is correct, you will automatically receive invitations for surveys. Surveys can be completed whenever you want, but don't wait too long because the survey is often closed as soon as there is enough response and that goes quite quickly. The invitation always states how much you will receive for the survey and how long it will take to complete.

If it is a discussion then there is often a fixed time and date on which you can do me. This is because they want everyone in the forum at the same time because otherwise it will not work.

It is without obligation, so you do not have to participate, nor is it a requirement for a minimum number of entries. But who does not participate, of course, also earn nothing. If you have participated in enough surveys, you can have your earnings paid out in the form of gift vouchers.

What will you earn?

The reward per participation is excellent, so that is good, but unfortunately there is not always new research to do. There is really something to be earned regularly, but not as much as with other panels where you can make multiple surveys every day.

That is why we recommend that you go to Take A Break . also subscribe to all other of the 10 highest paid survey panels . This simply means more invitations, more work and thus more earnings. Then you can just bring in 200 to 400 US dollars per month!

Is Take a Break reliable?

In short, that answer is yes. There are hardly any complaints about this community and we have not even received any at all. In any case, the most important thing is that your rewards are always paid out properly and that is the main point we pay attention to when it comes to reliability.


Actually, we are quite enthusiastic about the community and also about the market research company that owns it. They are really busy doing research in a different and fun way for their panel members. It is a pity that you cannot always become a member, so again when that opportunity presents itself, don't pass up!