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Whether SurveySwine is reliable?


But do you have to register there?


That requires explanation: this site is not itself a research agency, they just want your e-mail address so that they can then refer you to the real survey panels. They earn their money with that!

Then you better register yourself directly with the 10 best & reliable survey sites .

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Pros and cons

This site is not itself a survey panel or research agency

They are therefore not going to pay or reward you with money / coupons

Basically, they only want to make money ON you, not for you

What is SurveySwine?

They say you can earn money with them with surveys . And that they in fact offer a service where you sign up with them, after which they will tell you what good survey panels are to start earning some extra online.

They do not do market research themselves, and they will therefore not send you surveys or questionnaires. It's just a smart middleman that makes money by referring people to the real survey sites. But we do not know which company is behind it, because it is not mentioned anywhere.

How does it work then?

Signing up is very easy, you only have to fill in your e-mail. Participation costs you nothing and is without obligation. So you never have an obligation to participate in anything. Doesn't seem more than logical to us.

The service you can expect from SurveySwine is not that they are going to pay you to participate in surveys / give your opinion. They will show you what they think are good market research panels where you can earn money that way.

So you still have to register with those other websites and only then you start earning. You also have to pay out separately per panel. SurveySwine does not actually offer much service at all.

How much can you earn?

Nothing at all with this site itself, but enough with the partners they will recommend to you. However, their partners aren't necessarily the best survey companies out there so some of them are actually a bit of a waste of your time too!

Would you rather register for the best paid surveys in the Benelux, we are sure that with a little bit of good will you can just bring in a few hundred US dollars per month, isn't that a nice extra income?

Is this site reliable?

Hard to judge this point really, because they basically offer you nothing but send you advertising for the survey sites they happen to be working with at the time. It is also true that at the real survey bureaus we pay attention to the proper allocation of the reward and the payment of all earnings without any problems, but that kite does not apply here ...

We do find it a bit shocked that the privacy statement has not been updated for a long time and that there is no mention of the company actually behind the website. The privacy statement is also very short and states that SurveySwine may send your data to all its partners, also outside the EU. But who are they then? In short, and no, we cannot prove it, but this does not all feel good.


Just don't, in fact it's no use registering here. You can just take a look at the list of reliable and best paid survey sites (separate Top 10 for NL & Belgium) and decide for yourself which ones you want to participate in and which you don't.

In any case, we recommend that you register with several of those ten because then you will definitely earn more money! And that is ultimately what matters, isn't it?