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Can SurveySpotter be trusted?

Difficult to say.

Do you have to register yourself there?


But that has a completely different reason. is not itself a survey site . They just want your data so they can send you information about the actual survey websites. Unfortunately, they just want to make money from you, and they don't necessarily send you the best advice. Also ads for bad (er) survey panels, as long as it pays off for them.

And on top of that, they send you other annoying commercials . If you become a member, they may even approach you by telephone, SMS, e-mail and push notifications, for six months!

You better not do that with this site. You can also read for yourself in our Top 10 what the best paid survey sites are in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can then choose where you want to participate.

Below is another very full SurveySpotter review and a review of all the key points.

In this review:

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Pros and cons

They are not a survey site / panel themselves, so they do not pay you to complete surveys.

They only want your contact details to send you advertising because that's how they earn their money.

You don't need this advertisement at all, you can find the best paid survey sites yourself.

About Surveyspotter

This website is basically a very smart intermediary that buys advertisements in Google and steals your data there by posing as a survey site / research agency. Not that they lie about this, but they make it look very similar. But they are not!

They just want you to sign up with the survey sites they partner with. And those are of course not necessarily the best… that's where things already go wrong. In addition, they can also send you other advertisements if you give permission.

The website is owned and operated by: Allgroove Limited Unit 1 Pride Court 80-82 White Lion Street Islington London N19PF. Not a Dutch company, but an English company.

How it works

Registration is free of charge and without obligation. In other words: free and without obligation. By signing up, you actually only give permission that you can receive advertising emails. But they can also contact you by telephone, SMS and even push messages !

They will then inform you about all kinds of sites where you can complete paid surveys. Of course only those with whom they have a partnership, otherwise they don't earn anything. So not necessarily (only) the best. They also ask you for permission to send you other types of advertising about all kinds of things ...

The point is that you can also find this information yourself on the internet! For example, we have written a free article about the Top 10 best survey sites . You can read for yourself what the positive and negative points are and choose where to register yourself or not. We do not need to have any personal information about you.

If you want to read more per individual survey site, for example because it is not in the top 10, you can also view our page reviews and experiences with surveys. We have made an extensive review for each online survey panel.

How much will you earn?

A lot! Filling out surveys for money is quite a good way to earn some extra money! But if you accidentally register yourself with bad sites, it is still a waste of time and unfortunately you earn less. We are sure that you can earn $ 200 to as much as $ 500 in the month with the best survey panels .

Is reliable?

We will not claim that this company or website is not reliable. But we do detect points that make us feel uncomfortable. It just seems like they mainly want to fill their own wallets , and not yours! And that is precisely the intention, isn't it?


Signing up is pointless , a waste of your time and just annoying to have to receive all that unnecessary advertising. Better you can register yourself directly with the good survey sites. Then you earn more and you will not get spam.

So we repeat for the last time: here you will find the reliable survey sites (NL / Belgium) and you can know for yourself where you do or do not register.