Is StemPunt Reliable & Safe? Reviews and Experiences

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Do you want to fill in surveys for money ? At

First read this review then!

We have researched the best survey sites , and you will see that StemPunt is NOT in that Top 10!

Yes, now we are already revealing the end of this article ... but if you want to know why this is so: read on. You will find a complete review with an assessment of all the points that matter.

In this review:

Pros and cons

More than enough surveys available per week;

   You will receive an invitation by email for each survey. Or you install the app and create it on your phone or tablet!

You can earn extra by bringing in members, such as friends and family;

Payment cannot be made in cash to your bank account, but in gifts or coupons.

General information is part of Motivaction. The latter is a company that conducts market research. StemPunt is the website for them that carries out the surveys among the panel members. They now have 60,000 of these. M-Select is another panel of Motivaction, where you participate in qualitative research (for example interviews, group discussions or e-Safaris).

The surveys that Motivaction does via StemPunt concern products and services of companies. They can improve this with your opinion and feedback. Think of a new flavor of ice cream, which songs will be on the radio and which commercials will be on TV. So you can help determine that , isn't it cool?

How does Stempunt work?

As with basically all research panels, you earn rewards for completing surveys. You can enter this very easily on all devices that have internet: a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Sometimes you even receive new products so that you can try them at home.

Registration costs you nothing. Moreover, it is not only free , but also without obligation . This means that there are no obligations. You do not have to participate in studies. As soon as you are registered, we recommend that you fill in all the details to make your profile as complete as possible.

These so-called profile characteristics determine which questionnaires the voting point will send to you. You want these to be only questionnaires where you also belong to the target group . If this is not the case, you will receive an invitation but you are not allowed to participate. Then you will be expelled from the examination after a few standard questions. A waste of time and effort. So keep track of these characteristics from time to time so that they are always correct.

You will receive an invitation to a questionnaire by e-mail, although you can also install a pleasant app. In each invitation you can see what the reward is going to be and how long it will take to complete everything. So can you properly assess whether you have enough time and / or desire to participate. No obligation again, but handy if you want to earn something.

Should it happen by accident that you receive a survey that is not intended for your target group, you will still receive a minimum of 15 points. That's pretty neat, considering no other research panel does this.

But of course it is better if you can just complete the survey because then you earn a multiple. This reward will be paid directly to the balance of your account afterwards. You can then have this paid out in the form of gifts or gift vouchers from web shops such as and Zalando.

StemPunt Topic of the Day

The Topic of the day is a daily statement, you can indicate whether you agree or not. This is often about current events. You will not receive points for answering these questions.

StemPunt Friends Benefit

This is a bonus that you get when you introduce someone as a member. So a friend, family member or acquaintance for example, but they can also be total strangers. You will receive 500 points for this, as soon as your referral (as referred to as members officially) has completed his / her first survey.

How much do you earn?

The most important thing is that you actively participate. So if you get an invitation, make the questionnaire. Because if you don't participate, you certainly don't earn anything. Since the number of surveys is good per week / month, and the reward per survey is also good, you can earn well with it.

We dare to say that you certainly count on $ 30 per month in vouchers. It could become even more, especially if you combine it with multiple websites from our Top 10 best survey sites in the Netherlands or Belgium . Depending on where you live.

StemPunt Gift Shop

An additional advantage of Opinion Country is that you can also have the money paid out in gift cards. Because you do not earn money with this that your bank account also comes, you do not have to pay tax on it from the tax authorities. That just saves you half! You can also choose to donate to charity.

Is Stempunt reliable?

Our experiences, but also those of others, show that this is certainly the case. This is also the case if you look up other StemPunt experiences on the internet. There is a good FAQ, good customer service and they are very clear about the conditions and rules.

We've also never had any issues with cashing out rewards through the gift shop. We have also never had an issue with properly registering the reward for a survey that we had completed. These last two things are very important if you want to measure reliability.

Conclusion is not in our top list of best survey sites, but if you want to register yourself with more than 20 panels, just sign up! They are modern and move with the times. For example, the website is one of the better and you can also complete most surveys on your phone or tablet.

There is also a special app for that. You earn good extra earnings that you can cash out in different types of gift vouchers. You can also donate to charities if you are in a philanthropic mood.