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Can be trusted?

We think so!

Do you have to register now?

That depends ...

Not if you want to participate from home, online, to earn money from surveys .

This panel does research on location .

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In this review:

Pros and cons

Pay attention! They do research on location throughout the country where you enter into discussions with other people. So no online surveys.

The reimbursement is fine, approximately $ 30 per hour is the minimum. But sometimes much higher, as much as $ 75 for half an hour!

Please note that you also have travel time and travel costs, which you have to pay yourself from your compensation.


So this is really a market research agency that does things differently and is really distinctive. They conduct research on location, face-to-face. With this they deliver very high quality for the companies that are their clients. They can always keep asking questions and also better determine whether you give honest answers. Sometimes you even talk directly to the companies themselves!

Good to know: Ltd has its own locations in Amsterdam and Amersfoort, so there is a good chance that you will participate in studies! If you live in the area, that is an advantage, since you have to provide for your own travel costs.

How does it work?

Completely different from the survey panels you may be used to! You have to register via the app or web portal for studies. There is already a date and location, and what the research roughly entails. You can also see how long the conversation or discussion will last and what your reward is.

You can sign up to participate, and if you fall into the target group and are chosen, you will receive a call to arrange everything. So pretty neat. You often go to a research location with several respondents and do a test or assignment there. You may also be speaking one-on-one with a researcher.

After completing the questions or discussion, the fee will be transferred to your own bank account. According to the experiences of most members, this always goes well and quickly. Please note that this panel sometimes conducts online surveys by e-mail, for example, or that the conversation takes place via the Internet, but that this does not happen often. And even then they are longer studies.

It is also important after registration that you fill in your personal details correctly, as well as the 'extra questions' in which you enter your profile characteristics . That way they can select you even better for the right studies!

How much can you earn?

It depends a bit on whether you often fall into a target group that is being sought. Then you can participate in more studies. As mentioned, the fee per market research is very good. The earnings are between $ 30 and $ 75 at a time. In addition, you are usually well taken care of on location with coffee, tea and something to eat.

Keep in mind that you are busy for a day or part of the day to participate. But that doesn't matter, because participating in these kinds of studies is also just a lot of fun!

Is reliable?

Given our own experience and that of many others who can be found online on Facebook in particular: yes! Paying out is one of the most important indicators of reliability, and it turns out to run smoothly every time. They also have a good privacy statement showing that you treat your data confidentially.


You should especially register if you enjoy participating in surveys on location. Think of interviews or group discussions and assignments.

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