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Whether we can give you advice about Quaestion?

Yes we can.

And that's short and sweet:


Why not? This site is inactive and also asks you for way too much sensitive personal data when registering! Then you better get started with the best and reliable survey sites , where you earn more and your personal data is safe.

You can read why Quaestion is not recommended by us in the review below with a review on all important points.

In this review:

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Pros and cons

The site doesn't seem to be active for a while, nor the social meda, since 2013 (!)

There is also little information available, nothing about possible compensation per survey

They do ask for a lot of information immediately when registering

Nowhere is it mentioned who is behind the website, the "about us" page is even empty ...

About Quaestion.com

We know that in terms of approach the site does intend to be a research panel itself, given that they use the CINT software. This is a Swedish company that sells a program that allows anyone to conduct surveys. Simply by sending questionnaires by e-mail. In this they resemble quite a number of other research panels.

But we don't really know any more, and that is because large parts of the website are empty or actually say nothing if there is already something. We do find that the hosting is paid for by a vague German company, but that is another dead end and an empty site.

How does this site work?

It is important to report in advance that we have not tested this ourselves, but that we have obtained this information through the site itself.

The process is actually exactly the same as with all other panels where you can complete paid surveys . You have to register first, and this is free and without obligation. You will then automatically receive invitations for surveys in your mailbox. It will then state approximately how long the investigation should take and what the reward is. You can therefore always decide for yourself whether you accept the invitation or not.

As soon as you have earned a total amount of $ 10, so of all payments added together, you can have these earnings paid out.

How much do you earn?

No idea, we will not burn ourselves to fill in our data (why you can read below in the chapter on reliability). They also do not mention the possible merits or reward for each survey in which you participate. But in any case, not as much as with the best sites ... there you just grab $ 300 per month or more.

Is this a reliable site?

Well we may not be able to prove it, but our feeling says not. The site looks inactive and the page "about us" is even completely empty! The Twitter account has not had a new message since 2013 and the terms of use certainly do not seem to have been updated as a result of the AVG / GDPR ...

Then there is the problem of the information that you have to provide immediately when you register. With most panels this is just your email and name, but here you have to give your date of birth and zip code immediately, why?

Certainly because there is nowhere mention of which company or which Ltd is behind the site, in combination with the absence of a good privacy statement, and because they are not affiliated with industry organizations such as ESOMAR and MOA, we feel that you are sure don't want to sign up.

Our advice

Unfortunately, we strongly advise against Quasestion, and recommend that you check out the Top 10 Best Paid Survey Sites instead. With a few of those panels or even all ten together, you just earn a few hundred US dollars a month if you put in just a little effort. In short, you can earn extra money with it.

And believe us, if you still have time left after those ten (we would think), or you just want to make more money (we understand that) then you better try some other methods of online in addition to completing surveys. earn money that you can find on this site. Take a look at our page about making money on the internet for an overview.