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Register with Pollland?

Or maybe not?

We take the doubt away from you:

Pollland.nl is NOT one of the 10 best paid survey sites in the Netherlands, where you better register yourself first because you earn more.

But if you still have time after those ten panels, you should know that Pollland is a great website.

Below you can read why, based on a complete review and an assessment of all important features.

In this review:

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Pros and cons

Modern and well-functioning website

Pay out in gift cards and cash

Reimbursements (Polletjes) could have been a bit higher, because they are actually just bad .

Pollland.nl supports the charity BeatBatten!

About Pollland

Pollland.nl is a website that is part of the Pollland consumer panel. This online research panel conducts surveys among its members on behalf of third parties. These are often well-known large companies such as Heineken, Philips and Infra Bank, but also media companies, broadcasters, radio stations, governments or other research agencies. Sometimes they also do research on their own to be able to make media reports.

Because they want many members who complete their surveys properly, they reward them for that. This way you can earn money on this site by completing surveys. Of course Pollland in turn also earns from it, and the companies behind it just as well because they can improve their products and services based on your opinion, so everyone wins!

Pollland works entirely in accordance with the rules and codes of conduct of national (MarktOnderzoeksAssociatie) and international (Esomar) sector organizations in the field of market research and the accompanying rules regarding the privacy and security of personal data.

How does it work?

Registration is free and without obligation. Once you are registered, we also recommend that you complete all profile surveys . With this, Pollland can ensure that they only send you the good studies that are intended for your target group .

If you do not enter this information, you may receive regular invitations to participate in a survey, which ultimately turns out you do not fall into the target group. Have you started with enthusiasm and have you often put in quite a bit of work, you will still be thrown out without mercy and you will not get a cent! Fill in and keep track of those profile characteristics.

When you are registered you will automatically receive invitations to participate in research. You already know in advance what the reward will be and you also get an indication of how long it will take to complete everything. So you can advance yourself equally weigh whether you worthy to join. Because you don't have to accept every invite, but then you don't earn anything, eh ;-)

After completing the survey you will receive your reward right away. These are called “Polletjes” by the way. 5000 of these polls are worth $ 10, whether you exchange them for money or a gift voucher for Bol.com, for example. From that amount you can also have it paid out.

How much can you earn with it?

There are plenty of surveys to participate in, but as mentioned, the earnings per questionnaire are simply too meager. Of course it still depends on whether you fall into the right target group often enough and have enough time to participate. But if we leave that for what it is, we think that you can grab $ 5 to $ 10 in a month.

Are they reliable?

Short but sweet: Yes! We have also registered as a panel member and we always pay attention to a number of things:

1) the fees for a survey are always quickly and accurately credited to the balance of your account, and 2) the payment of your balance goes without problems and preferably does not take too long.

Pollland scores more than satisfactory on both points. Our balance was always correct and was credited immediately after the investigations made and transferring money to our own bank account was never an issue. So good experiences.

The conclusion

… You've probably already read the introduction at the top of the page, but here it comes after all! Pollland.nl is a great site that works well and could potentially be one of the best in the Netherlands.

However, the compensation you receive for a completed questionnaire is too low to even end up in the top 10 best paid survey sites . Enough said… it is better to register yourself there first and if you still have time to do more, Pollland is a healthy option.