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Do you have to participate in the Opinea Panel?

(because that's what it's actually called)

Or put differently: is it sensible?

Well they are certainly NOT in the Top 10 best paid survey sites ... so you better try one first.

And if you still have time to spare, you should come back to finish this review.

In this review:

Pros and cons

You can have the earnings paid out in cash via PayPal

The fee per survey made appears to be somewhat disappointing, especially compared to other panels

Unfortunately, few surveys per month (max. 6) so you cannot earn a lot

The site is not secure (no https), while you still leave a lot of personal information

The website as a whole also seems a bit old, inactive and not updated since 2014 (copyright)

What is PanelOpinea?

PanelOpinea and the website is part of Opinea, a research agency. They are with different panels of actions in a total of 10 countries in Europe and in North and South America. Namely Canada, Brazil, Mexico, England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Austria and thus the Netherlands.

They conduct their surveys through these panels, always on behalf of a paying client. These are often large companies, producers, institutions or even governments or NGOs or NPOs (Non-Profit-Orginizations). They run these consumer surveys because with the outcome they can improve their products and services, or sometimes even their marketing and advertising.

And because they ultimately earn money with this, they also think it is more than fine to pay for it. Opinea pays you again because it allows them to maintain a panel of loyal members who also provide good quality answers.

How exactly does it work?

As you would expect with a paid survey panel, because they all work about the same. It starts with registration, which is free, after which we recommend that you complete your profile as much as possible and fill in all profile characteristics .

This ensures that Opinea only sends you the correct investigations. They do this on the basis of a target group determination and they need those characteristics for that. If you do not complete them, the chances are that you will receive a questionnaire that is not intended for you, and you still have to stop after a few questions and without reward. Rather annoying, but also a bit your own fault!

You will automatically receive the invitations for surveys in your e-mail, along with a time indication of how long it will take and also a fixed reward that you will earn with it. You can estimate for yourself whether you have enough time at that time and whether you think it is worth the fee to participate. Because everything is without obligation, you never have to take part in a survey!

After completing the form, the reward is immediately credited to your account. With a minimum balance of $ 5, you can already have this paid out via PayPal. That often takes 1-2 days and after that it will be back in your bank account within 1-2!

How much will you earn?

Most people earn a few euros per month. This seems low and that is little! This is not necessarily because the fee per survey is now so low, but mainly because there is only a very limited number of surveys per month to complete, maximum 6 according to most experiences.

The panel is in stark contrast to that from the Top 10 highest paid survey panels , where you can easily earn several hundred euros with those ten websites at the same time. And especially because there is more work for you, but also because the rewards per survey are a bit better.

Is this panel reliable?

We are always extra strict on this point, because this is about your personal data, but also about whether your earnings are properly paid out. The latter is important because otherwise you may want something in return after spending hours on it! You don't want to have to save up to the payout minimum amount and only then find out that everything cannot be trusted!

Fortunately, the latter is well arranged at PanelOpinea, there are even no complaints about it. We can partly reassure you about the security of your privacy-sensitive information, because this panel is a member of important industry organizations such as ESOMAR with which they meet the requirements regarding security. It is strange in that respect that the site does not have an SSL certificate, because that also ensures encryption and thus security of the sending of data. Still a little red flag in that regard.


First, orientate yourself on the Top 10 best paid and reliable survey and choose a few of them to start with. And every time you have more time, you just add one more. We would love it if you had enough time to participate with everyone! Do know that in that case you can expect an income or extra income of several hundred euros per month! NB: we don't care which of the panels you try (first), they are all good :-)

After that you can always add other panels such as Opinea, but that may be boring. Can you better combine completing surveys with other methods of earning money with the internet ? That then provides some variety!