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Is / fake?

Well, they are not entirely fair anyway .

Panelclub itself is not a real panel, but just a smart site that wants to obtain your contact details and then bring you to the real survey sites.

(Because that's how they earn their money)

But you can also simply register directly there .

This is the top 10 best paid survey sites in the Netherlands / Belgium.


In this review:

Pros and cons

They are not a research panel themselves, so they do not pay you to fill out surveys .

They just want your information to sign up with the real survey sites, because that's what they earn.

You just don't need this "help", you can find the 10 best paid survey sites here. Both in NL and BE.


The website is owned by Zaludo Ltd. This is also the owner of, among other things, the savings program and is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and is located in Rotterdam. So they already have some experience with online marketing and ways to make money on the internet .

The purpose of this website is to entice people to sign up for the "panel". However, that is not a panel at all, because when you become a member you will only receive promotional emails about actual survey sites from real research firms. Why? Well if you register yourself with those real sites, Zaludo gets a fee for that.

That is of course their right, but why do they necessarily have to have your data first? Can't they also tell you right away to which real panels they think you should register yourself?

It is also strange that they mention names of panels they work with that no longer exist, and that they also include names that are not necessarily well regarded. In any case, not as panels that pay well. There is even one panel that does not give any compensation in cash or receipts at all.

How does it work?

You register for free and without obligation. But this is where things immediately go wrong, because the first sentence on their page is already "we reward your opinion". But that's downright misleading because they don't. In addition, they ask for all kinds of data that they do not need to achieve their goal of sending you promotional emails about the real panels. That is therefore not permitted according to the GDPR law. They don't need your address, gender and age at all.

You will then receive emails about the real panels of which they are partners. They do this because they receive money from those partners. But are those the best panels? And why do you also give permission in the general terms and conditions to receive advertising emails from not only those partners but also from "sponsors"? And why are they allowed to send you commercial proposals? It could be anything.

It doesn't really mean more. So you are not going to receive money or get rewards through PanelClub, that all goes through the real panels.

How much does it earn?

We know from our own experience that you can earn up to a few hundred US dollars per month with the 10 highest paid survey sites . But not if you sign up to bad sites. That is why we have also compiled that top 10. But you will not achieve that by becoming a member of Panelclub. They also recommend sites that earn significantly less or that give no financial reward at all ...

Is PanelClub reliable?

Well we do not want to say that this site, or the company behind it, is not reliable, because it probably is, given the Chamber of Commerce registration and the extensive General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. But they just aren't fair, don't exactly have the best of intentions, and as you could read before, they don't obey data protection law either. Okay, maybe they are not reliable after all ... What bothers us most are three things:

First of all , it is especially bad that the site wants to make it look like they are indeed a legitimate research panel and are going to reward you for your opinion. That is simply not the case. So they do not need your personal details such as date of birth, gender and certainly not your address details!

Second , the site seems outdated, as it lists partner survey panels that have been out of existence for a while. That may still be manageable, but thirdly , we notice that you not only receive emails about good survey sites, but also by becoming a member you give permission to receive advertising emails and commercial offers from "sponsors". That can be anything, so you are not protected against all kinds of unwanted spam.


Registering is pointless and only ensures that there is an unnecessary extra party to whom you have to give all kinds of personal information. And especially because you also give permission to receive all kinds of commercially oriented emails, this does not seem desirable to us.

So for the last time: just register yourself at the reliable survey sites in the Netherlands or Belgium. You can decide for yourself which one you want to register with.