Is Panel4You reliable? Reviews and Experiences

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So you want to earn money by completing surveys ?

Maybe at Panel4You ?

Then read this review first!

Here you will find an assessment of all important characteristics of this research panel and we answer the question whether this survey site is reliable and safe to participate.

This website focuses on all money matters, including earning money on the internet . We have therefore compiled a Top 10 best survey sites .

There is not in it ... it shows what you will read further in this article ...

In this review:

Pros and cons

You will not receive any financial reward for participating in a survey ;

   You do get points (fritzies) with which you can participate in a lottery for cash prizes;

The chance that you will ever earn anything at all is therefore small;

They recently started collaborating with Upinion, so maybe this app will also change more in terms of the reward ... we wait in anticipation!

About Panel4You is a website providing panel of community members that is part of Insight for Marketing and Communication Ltd, an international research and consultancy firm.

The head office is located in the Netherlands, Amsterdam that is. But this is the only thing we can find about it, because the website only has a homepage and contact page. There is an FAQ, but you can only find it via Google and it provides little information.

All other pages have been removed, perhaps a sign that they are going to change things? We hope so because this review might be more positive. For now we still base ourselves on our own experience from the past.

How does it work?

As with all market research agencies, you earn money by answering questionnaires. In it you share your opinion on various topics. Panel4You is paid for this by its clients.

These are companies, organizations or governments that can use this research to improve services or products, or their marketing and advertising or customer service. So it makes sense that they want to pay for it. Panel4You will reward you again because they want you to participate often, give honest answers and also remain a member. That is necessary for them to be able to do their job.

Once you have registered, we recommend that you complete all questions and profile characteristics . This ensures that you will only receive studies that are really intended for you.

If this does not go well, you will receive an invitation, but halfway through the questionnaire it appears that you do not belong to the target group . Have you spent time on it but you will not receive a reward .

Speaking of that invitation, you will receive it by email (or nowadays the Upinion app). It is stated in advance how long the investigation will take and what the reward is. You can still know for yourself whether or not you participate, but not participating does not mean any merit of course.

After the survey you immediately receive your points and you can exchange them for lottery tickets: Every month $ 100 is given away once and $ 25 is given away five times ... we think that is not really worth it. There is also talk of the main prize of $ 10,000, but nowhere how often it will be raffled.

How much can you earn?

Well if you are very lucky at the lottery you will earn something, but in fact there is no guarantee that you will get any income at all. The earnings are therefore likely to be zero, or $ 0 per month.

Is Panel4You reliable?

Of course we cannot give a complete verdict because there is very little information, including on the site itself. But that gives or a very bad feeling! It doesn't seem that trusting ...


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