Is Opinionbar Reliable? Reviews and Experiences

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What about ?

Is that a good survey site?

Well ... they score very well in themselves, even good enough for the Top 10 best survey sites in the Netherlands .

We certainly recommend registering yourself there.

You just do the best sign up to all ten of the best websites, including Opinionbar , because then you will earn more.

You can read why that is the case below in a full review that reviews all the important features of a panel where you can make money with paid surveys .

In this review:

Pros and cons

The fee per survey is always high, at least 1 US dollar! You don't see that often

The investigations therefore take a bit longer than with other panels. That is why Opinionbar is also a nice addition to the rest of the websites.

In our experience, payment is always good. That used to be via your bank account, but nowadays it goes via PayPal.

The questionnaires / surveys are a bit repetitive and therefore long: many of the same questions + loading the next question takes a while, so you cannot always continue working

About Opinionbar

This panel is actively spread across all continents in no fewer than 30 countries! They are part of MetrixLab. Their studies were initially mainly about assessing websites, but they added other specialties to that. Now they also assess new product ideas, test products at home, and assess commercials and ad campaigns that are often yet to be released.

Pretty cool right? They also do that for great brands such as Philips, Canon, Heineken, Microsoft, PepsiCo, MSN, Sara Lee, Nike, eBay, WWF, UNICEF and Yahoo.

How does Opinionbar work?

Start registering first. It costs you nothing and there are no obligations, so what do you pay attention to? Then fill in all profile surveys . No, you don't earn anything with this yet, but it is important that Opinionbar has this information from you!

On the basis of this information, they determine regional tests for the studies they set out. And if you do not provide all the information, or you do not adjust it when things change, it can happen much faster that you receive invitations for studies where you do not appear to fall into the target group halfway through the study. Fortunately, you still get 10 cents with this panel, but it is still a waste of your time.

But you are going to fill it in :-) After that you will see that you will automatically receive invitations in your email inbox. Do not wait too long to respond because then an investigation may already be closed. You will always see an indication in advance of the time it will take to complete the questionnaire, and what the reward will be. It is always free so you don't have to do more. Just consider whether you have enough time and think it is worth the compensation.

After completing the survey, you will immediately receive the merit in your account. As soon as it has a total of $ 10 or more, you can have this paid out to your bank account. This takes a while but it always comes down to our experience.

How much does it earn?

They themselves believe that you earn at least 1 US dollar per research, and a maximum of 10 US dollar! But for the record, we have never experienced this in recent years ... but now and then $ 1.50 and $ 2, - multiply this by an average of 5 studies in which you can participate and then you can do one get some funny extra income.

It is also nice that you always get 10 cents for participating, even if after a few questions you do not fall into the target group. That is really much better than with other survey panels, because then you usually get nothing at all!

Is this panel reliable?

We must admit that there are many negative reviews on the internet. But if you take a good look at that, you will see that they were all posted a long time ago. We have been participating in Opinionbar since 2015 and can report the following from our own experience:

We believe it is important that your rewards are always awarded quickly and added to your account balance. This always happens without errors and immediately, without any delay. In addition, the most important thing is that you actually get the earnings transferred to your bank account. Yes - we admit this will take a while - but it has gone well every time so far. that is positive.

Opinionbar also makes it a point to handle your privacy and the security of your personal data well. They have certificates and recognitions for this. In short: we give Opinionbar a maximum score on reliability!


This research panel is in the list of 10 best & reliable survey panels . So we recommend that you first check out a survey site there to start making money. With those ten together you can easily earn an extra income of several hundred euros per month! And Opinionbar is a nice addition to this because they are the only ones that mainly focus on longer studies with higher rewards.

But perhaps it is even smarter to look at other ways of making money on the internet . By applying 1 or more other methods in addition to completing surveys, you get a bit more variety and it doesn't get boring that quickly ... whatever you want!