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Is the Opiniemeters.nl site reliable and safe?


So do you have to register yourself there?

It depends.

To which? Whether you are already registered with the 10 best paid survey sites in the Netherlands ...

Those sites are better than Opinion Meters because you can earn more with them .

But if you want more work / time to spare in addition to these 10 sites, Opiniemeters.nl is a great option!

Why? Check out a complete review in the review below.

In this review:

Pros and cons

Enough surveys to take

You are regularly outside the target group (and therefore do not receive any reward )

You can only pay out at $ 12.50 where this is already possible from $ 10 or even $ 5 at other panels.

You pay earnings in cash to your bank account, but gift certificates are not possible

You also participate in a prize draw with varying prizes towards the points

About Opinion Meters

The website and panel with which should be one of the largest in the Netherlands are part of the company Panel Inzicht Ltd. They conduct more than 1000 surveys for their customers every year, as can be found on the website. The panel was founded by Mark when he was a student, but no idea which Mark by the way :-)

How does it work?

It starts of course that you have to register yourself. After you have activated your account you can log in. Our advice is to first fill in as much information as possible and make your profile as complete as possible.

These are also selection criteria for studies. By this we mean that the clients of the studies often want to submit their questions to a specific group of people. This could be, for example, only men, or 60% men / 60% women. But this can also be determined based on age, education, family composition, hobbies and much more!

The point is, the more Opinion Meters know about you in advance, the better they can estimate whether a survey is for you. If this goes wrong, you will be expelled halfway through the investigation and you will not receive any compensation. And you ca n't charge Opinion meters for that . So fill in your details correctly!

You will automatically receive the invitations for the paid surveys in your mailbox and you can start filling out surveys for money . Try not to wait too long before you respond, because then an investigation may already be closed. The invitation always states approximately how long it will take to fill in and what the reward is. You will receive it immediately after you have completed the survey.

As soon as you have earned enough points in total, in this case 1 million points, you can have them paid out. The 1,000,000 represent a value of $ 12.50 and this will be transferred to your savings account.

How much do you earn?

It is difficult to predict this exactly for you because it really depends on which target group you fall into. And of course how much time you have for it, but we will leave that aside for now!

We think you should be able to reach the limit of $ 12.50 every quarter, so $ 50 per year is realistic. This doesn't seem like much, but it really isn't bad! Only not as good as with the highest paid survey panels .

Is it a reliable site?

If there is one part on which this site scores well, it is this one. Because this is one of the most cited positive points of this research panel. They are very open and transparent about what they do and what the rules are. Also about the fact that things sometimes go wrong. And what we think is very important: the payment of your earned money to your account is smooth, flawless, correct and above all fast!

Our advice

We do not discourage Opinion Meters, but we do recommend that you first look at the Top 10 highest paid surveys . You earn more there, it's that simple! With those ten together just a few hundred US dollars a month if you do your best.

Do you also have time left, or simply need more money, Opiniemeters.nl is worth considering. But there are more that fall into that category, so take a look through all our reviews of survey sites ;-) Below in the footer under the heading 'reviews'.