Is MySurvey Reliable & Safe? Reviews and Experiences

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Pay attention! MySurvey has a new name: LifePoints NL / LifePoints BE .

Read the LifePoints review .

The information below is therefore outdated ...


Registering yourself at MySurvey NL / MySurvey BE is that a good plan ?

That is a question that we will answer for you in this review.

We do this by means of an honest review in which we share our experiences and assess the reliability of the website.

Why? is a specialist in money matters, including when it comes to making money online. And since filling out surveys for money falls under that heading, we are happy to discuss it.

My Survey is also in our Top 10 best paid survey sites for both the Netherlands and Belgium, so it will not surprise you that our assessment is positive . We therefore recommend that you should register ...

Okay, so that's actually the conclusion right away, but read on to see how we arrived at this judgment. We assess all important features.

In this review:

Pros and cons

   Plenty of surveys available to take every week so you can earn enough;

   Good compensation per questionnaire completed;

   Reimbursement will be immediately credited to your balance after the investigation;

   You can pay out with PayPal, and then to your bank account and from $ 5, - (other panels often $ 10);

   More studies may be added to move up our favorites list. But that's really the only flaw we can come up with ...

General is a panel of consumers who participate in surveys on a voluntary basis . Through the portal you can participate in research and have your earned points paid out in various rewards.

For example, just money via PayPal, but also in the form of gifts or coupons. It is part of the Light Speed ​​organization, a global company that conducts market research in every country in the world.

The fact that MySurvey is a large recognized company is evident from the fact that their findings are often presented in the news or professional magazines. Think of the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and Time Magazine. At the moment they are one of the largest providers and research panel in the world.

How does it work?

You can register for free and of course it costs you nothing. Except a few minutes of work. Once that is successful, it is best to immediately spend a few more minutes filling in your profile / profile characteristics . This concerns, for example, your gender, age, address, etc.

Based on this, MySurvey can send you the correct surveys. Surveys are often intended for a specific target group . If you do not meet these requirements, but you still receive such a questionnaire, you will often be expelled from the investigation after a few control questions.

When this is all over, you can get started. By logging in to the website you can see in the portal whether new studies are available. But you will also receive an invitation in your email for all new examinations.

You can enter this online on any device , as long as it has internet. So a phone, laptop or tablet, everything is possible. It may well be that an investigation is not suitable for a smartphone, but you will simply receive a notification for this and then you can still complete it on your computer.

Sometimes you may also be allowed to test products or be asked to participate in a telephone survey or an online forum / community.

Before you start with any research, see how long it will take to make it, and how much you can earn with it. You can still decide for yourself whether or not you have the time and desire to participate. But remember: if you don't participate, you will of course not earn a cent.

The information from the surveys is used by companies to improve their products and services, sometimes also their advertisements and advertisements. They profit from that, so they don't mind paying you for your opinion. So both parties gain.

At MySurvey you also earn points that you can exchange for gift vouchers, gifts or cash / money. The latter is possible with PayPal. You can find out exactly what the points are worth on the website: 125 points is actually the same as 1 US dollar.

If you have collected 600 points together, you can already pay this out in money, namely $ 5, - Of course you can also save a little longer and have a larger amount transferred.

How much can you earn?

A normal survey is often worth 50 or 70 points and takes an average of 8 to 15 minutes. Sometimes questionnaires are worth more: for example 150 or even 200 points, but then they also take a little longer.

Almost every day you will receive an invitation for new research and this means that you will continue to earn. Just up to $ 30 per month or more.

Especially if you combine it with other panels from the Top 10 reliable survey sites in the Netherlands, you can earn a nice income per month.

Is MySurvey reliable?

Reliability is evident from a number of things: We mainly look at the payment of the rewards and whether your balance is kept quickly, correctly and neatly. Nothing is so annoying that you have to call or email customer service because it did not go well.

You just want to have your balance added immediately after an investigation and if you have it paid out that this runs smoothly and flawlessly , right? Well then we can reassure you about : this always goes well!

Especially when you compare it with other sites, this process always goes without problems. The reward is always awarded immediately and quickly (within a few days) transferred to your PayPal.

From there, it will be back in your bank account within a few days. Although you can also pay at webshops with your PayPal and that is not even necessary. Super safe!

Anyway, based on our experiences, we can say with absolute certainty that this panel is reliable. And believe us, we have been participating for many years ...


MySurvey is one of the most pleasant survey sites in the Netherlands. They are reliable, pay good fees and pay fairly.

We don't really know why you're still reading ...? Sign up today! You are not going to regret it. We would love to hear how much you earned and what you bought with all that money :-)

Do n't forget to sign up for a number of other panels from the Top 10 best survey sites , because then you will earn even more!