MeMoPanel Reliable? Experiences / Review

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Do you have to become a member of the MeMoPanel?

Or in other words, is it a good idea?

NO ...

Sorry that's a bit blunt ... but this panel just doesn't come close to the 10 best survey sites in the Netherlands! So please register for those panels.

And if you still have time and energy left, you should just read the review below. In it we give you an assessment of all important parts of

In this review:

Pros and cons

Surveys are not too long and can therefore easily be done in between

If you make surveys, you earn ... nothing! You can win prizes, but that is no guarantee.

Often the same general questions that come up too often about your profile characteristics after each survey

The time indicated that a questionnaire should take is often incorrect

What is MeMoPanel?

This website and the research panel are part of MeMo² ( ). This is a research agency that is fully dedicated to researching and analyzing the success of marketing campaigns and advertisements. They work for major brands that you can find on the site such as: Bever, de Overheid, Tele2, Nikon, ABN AMRO, Twitter and Friesland Campina.

To underline their professionalism, they are members of the global market research industry organization ESOMAR. Within the Netherlands they are members of the comparable MOA. In total, they are currently active in 19 countries and order half a million (500,000) surveys per year from their panel members.

How does it work?

It is all slightly different with this site / program, because as mentioned, you do not earn money / gift certificates. There is therefore no balance that you have to save before you can have it paid out because there is no exchange / collection as you might hope.

The only thing you get as a thank you for participating in surveys and giving your opinion is that you will get lottery tickets for a raffle of prizes. These vary from coupons to charities, and they also periodically give away an iPad.

But the rest is all the same, registration costs you nothing (that would have to be added) and is also without obligation. You therefore have no obligation to participate in investigations. So if you receive an invitation for this in your inbox, you can know for yourself whether you want to participate. It always says that it should take a long time to fill in, so you can consider whether it suits you or not.

What do you earn with it?

Nothing, that's actually our whole problem, so we aren't even interested in the rest of the story anymore. It may be a fantastic fun panel with innovative research and questioning methods, but if you don't get anything in return, why would you do it?

Yes, you do have a chance to win prizes. But the chance that you will win it is of course not very great. Not enough anyway. In addition, the prices also change regularly so that you do not even know where you stand. The price may even be that you can support a charity. Can I please decide that for myself?

Is MeMoPanel reliable?

In all fairness, we don't even know this. They are members of the major industry associations, so they won't do anything strange with your data. But normally, for reliability, we mainly pay attention to whether your reward is properly registered and whether your earned balance is paid out correctly and quickly, regardless of whether this is to your bank account, PayPal or in the form of a voucher.

But with this panel you have no balance at all that you can withdraw, so what are we talking about? They must be reliable, but it cannot be measured for us.


Don't sign up. You can register better with the top 10 best paid surveys and preferably with several of those ten so that you can earn more! If you become a member of all, we think that you can just bring in $ 300 to $ 500 in one month!

If you still have some spare time to kill after that, by all means you can always check out of curiosity whether the MeMoPanel is fun and gives you another form of satisfaction than money.