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Making money by completing surveys is one of the most popular ways of making money on the internet .

Rightly so, because it easily yields a nice extra income.

But then you want to register yourself with the reliable best paid survey sites !

And you wonder whether MediaPanel . belongs in that list ...

The answer is: YES! This is certainly a good panel that we can recommend that you join immediately.

Why we think that is so clear you can of course read further in this article in which we assess all important points. Based on our own experiences, but also those of our visitors and those of other online reviews that you can find.

Further in this review:

Pros and cons

  The questionnaires are fun and are always about new things, namely the latest TV and radio programs;

Fees are more than fine with completed surveys, none of which are too long;

You can have the balance paid out in vouchers or in money ( PayPal credit ) from as little as $ 5. With PayPal you can directly shop with it at web stores or transfer it to your bank;

  Although new surveys are regularly published, this is slightly less than the competition. So combine this membership with other survey panels!


I-Say is the more famous bigger brother of Mediapanel . They are both part of Ipsos, a global market research company active in more than 90 countries. The head office is in Paris. They have been around since 1975 and in the 1990s they became one of the 3 largest research companies in the world through many acquisitions, with more than 18,000 employees.

Both panels are an important link in the company because this is the way through them to conduct all their research. The large panel i-Say is not only active in the Netherlands & Belgium, but also in Oceania, among others. MediaPanel is also specifically intended for the Flemish market.

Ipsos logo

Ipsos logo

How does it work?

Actually, Mediapanel is like all other survey sites. Except, of course, that the studies are only about the TV programs you watch, and sometimes the radio shows you listen to. This means that they are only online questionnaires, not like with other panels where you can sometimes test products for money , or earn money by evaluating advertisements .

It all starts with registering, of course. Make sure you fill in your profile as completely as possible, because you will receive targeted surveys based on your profile characteristics . If your details are incorrect, incomplete or not up-to-date, you may receive an invitation but do not fall into the target group .

Then you often cannot participate. That is a shame because you often only find out after a few questions. That costs you unnecessary time and good cheer. And you don't earn anything with it. You may even miss out on paid surveys that you would otherwise have received.

The invitation to the examinations always states a duration and reward. This way you know how long you will need and whether you think the compensation is high enough. You can always choose not to participate. In any case, your entire participation in the panel is without obligation and of course free of charge.

As soon as you complete an investigation, you will receive your earnings in your account. If this is a total of 5 US dollars or more, you can have this paid out. There are several options such as a number of vouchers and PayPal credit. That is just as good as cash because you can transfer it to your account from PayPal.

You can make surveys on your computer, but often also on your tablet or mobile. They are taken to collect information about viewing behavior and thus improve the programming and the programs themselves.

How much do you earn?

There should be several surveys to complete per week, and even daily if all goes well. Now they are shorter surveys so don't expect very high rewards that you get elsewhere for longer surveys. But because the frequency is good, the total merit is also fine.

We do recommend that you join not only this panel but also other members. The best even the entire top 10 highest paid surveys . Because then you will simply be able to participate in more studies, and also several, which makes it varied. And of course you will earn more at the bottom of the line. And that can easily amount to a few hundred US dollars a month.

Is MediaPanel reliable?

Absolutely! As we have already mentioned, this panel is part of the renowned Ipsos that also manages the well-known and acclaimed I-Say panel. So you certainly don't have to worry about reliability here.

Because it is a relatively new panel, there are few experiences to be found online, but based on previous experiences with this company under a different name, you can assume that it is good.


Definitely become a member! That may be clear after the above observations. They are reliable, have frequent nice surveys and pay out from 5 US dollars. That is fast because many competitors only do this from 10 US dollars.

But this panel alone is not going to bring you great merit, for that you have to sign up to more of the best survey sites .