MediaJury Reliable? Reviews and Experiences

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Pay attention! MediaJury no longer exists.

It now exists under the name of

In this review you can read more about what the old MediaJury was and what the experiences were with it, because you cannot find it yet from the new panel.

You can also read our separate review about MediaPanel .

In this review:

Pros and cons

  The questionnaires are interesting and always concern recent issues, namely the latest TV and radio programs and the media landscape in Flanders;

Fees are fine per survey you take, and there are nice short surveys available every day;

You can have your earnings paid out in coupons but not in cash or PayPal credit ;

  Although new surveys are added regularly to daily, the frequency is slightly less than with other survey panels. Combine this with other of the top 10 best paid survey sites .

About MediaJury

Media jury is part of the research agency GFK. They also manage the more famous GFK Panel in which more investigations are conducted. They also have some other specialist panels that focus on a specific topic such as the GFK Digital Trends panel and the GFK Scan panel. Together it is one of the largest research agencies in the world and the largest in the Netherlands.

It is a German company from Nuremberg and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. They have more than 13,000 employees in more than 100 countries. That media is an important topic in their research is evident from the fact that they keep track of the Album Top 100 and the Single Top 100, among other things.

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How does it work?

Just like all other survey sites / panels, you register yourself for free and without obligation. Once you are a member you can participate in paid surveys and thus earn money by completing surveys . In this panel they always deal with the specific subject of media. Basically mainly about the TV programs you watch, but sometimes also research about radio shows that you listen to or general research into the media landscape.

As with all other panels, we recommend that you fill in your profile as completely as possible when you register. This determines for which studies you will receive an invitation.

If you do not fill in the profile characteristics , or if you do not update them regularly so that the information is correct, you will see that you have been invited to the wrong surveys. Then you do not fall into the target group and you cannot participate.

That is a shame because often you only find out after a few questions and it has already taken you time. And you were just happy that you could earn something ... in the worst case it may even be that for this reason you do not get another search that was meant for you!

You will receive invitations for surveys in your email. Don't wait too long to respond because they are closed quickly. You often only need a certain number of answers. By the way, you are not obliged to participate, but you can estimate yourself on the basis of the expected completion time and the reward whether it fits your agenda and whether you think the merit is enough.

After completing the form, you will immediately receive the earned amount in your account and from 10 US dollars you can have this paid out in different types of gift certificates, coupons or vouchers. This can only be in round.

How much does it earn?

The earning potential for survey sites depends on 2 things: Firstly, on the compensation you receive for each research done, and secondly, of course, how many surveys are available every week / month.

MediaJury scores well on both points because the rewards are excellent and the frequency of the surveys is not bad either with a new questionnaire every day.

But they are not the panel where you can earn the most, there are better ones. But that doesn't matter at all, because the trick in this way of earning money via the internet is to register yourself at several of these types of sites!

Then you can participate in more surveys and thus logically earn more. So be sure to register with all 10 best paid survey sites . Then you just earn a few hundred US dollars extra per month.

Is reliable?

Sure! As we mentioned earlier in this article, this site is managed by the large GFK that also runs the more well-known and often recommended GFK Online Panel. So you do not have to doubt the reliability here at all, that is good.

In addition, our experiences, those of our visitors and those of all other online reviews are more than positive. Of course not everything goes 100% well and that is nowhere the case.


This is just a good and fun site to join if you compare it to the competition. Not the best, but certainly a nice one to have for extra work in addition to the other survey panels you are also a member of.

What's nice is that you know exactly where you stand with regard to the research topics and the questionnaires themselves because they don't vary that much, which makes it easier to fill in. In addition, the earnings are fair and good.