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Listwise is a growing survey panel in the Netherlands. Are you also thinking about becoming a member?

Then it is good that you first search for reviews and came to this page! is NOT in the Top 10 best paid survey sites in the Netherlands , so we recommend that you first register for those ten and then see if you have time for extra panels ...

And if you do indeed get that far, we will not immediately advise against you Listwise. Why you can read in our review below.

In this review:

Pros and cons

Earnings can be exchanged for both cash and coupons

Fee per survey is on average compared to other sites

Few surveys to make per month (1 to 6), at other agencies this is much more

As a result, you still do not earn very much with this program

About ListWise

ListWise is active in several countries and part of Just Panels. All studies are conducted with the technology of CINT, a Swedish company. Listwise Netherlands is again part of Right Minds.

The latter is a market research agency and also conducts other types of surveys such as customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction at companies. They are the ones who maintain contact with the companies for whom they carry out the studies on behalf of the Listwise panel, for which you can register.

The companies are willing to pay for this because they can learn how to do their work better based on your opinions and those of others. Whether this is about products, services or marketing.

How does it work?

First start to register yourself. That is where it starts. And do not worry, there are no costs or obligations. Participation is therefore free and without obligation. The latter means that for every invitation you receive to participate in a survey, you can decide for yourself whether you want to participate or not.

Because the invitation always states what the reward is for filling in and how long this will take, you can weigh this up nicely: do you think it is worth the compensation and do you have enough time?

However, before you get started, we recommend that you complete your profile as much as possible after registration. So just log in and see what you can add. This ensures that you only receive good invitations that also belong to the target group .

If you accidentally receive an investigation that does not include you, you will have to stop after a few questions and you will not earn anything. A waste of your time, but you can't charge Listwise if your profile is incomplete. It also sometimes happens when your profile is filled, but a lot less.

You will automatically receive the invitations for the questionnaires by e-mail, so you do not have to do anything about it. Just keep an eye on your inbox, because you shouldn't wait too long before filling in. This is because studies are not open for long, or even close automatically for a certain number of candidates. Listwise also offers the option to indicate how many surveys you want to receive per month.

If you have made a survey, you will immediately be allocated the reward in the account, and once your balance reaches a total of $ 10, you can have this paid out in various rewards. A transfer to your bank account, PayPal or gift cards from or iTunes.

What do you earn at ListWise?

The income you can get from this panel is unfortunately a bit disappointing. Although the fee per survey is not that bad at all ($ 0.20 - $ 2.50 ... but above $ 1, - does not happen often) the number of questionnaires you can participate in per month is small, namely a maximum around 6.

This while other research panels can easily organize one to more surveys per day! Registering is still not a waste of your time, but you will have to realize that you will simply never bring in more than a few euros per month.

Is ListWise also reliable?

There are no complaints about this at all. That often says enough! We pay attention to reliability in two things: accurate tracking of your earnings (allocating rewards properly and quickly in your account), and of course also the correct payment of the balance, whether in the form of coupons, gifts or real money . There is nothing to criticize about this at Listwise.


If we summarize everything, we come to the conclusion that Listwise definitely has a number of nice features with which they can potentially become one of the better survey sites in the Netherlands. We certainly hope that they will make this happen because then we can all have a lot of fun with it!

For now, however, they are outside the Top 10 best survey panels in the Netherlands . We recommend that you register with those ten sites first because you earn more there. With that you will already lose enough time and also earn well with it, up to a few hundred euros per month. If you still want more and you still have time to spare, Listwise is an option.