Is GlobalTestMarket Reliable & Safe? Reviews and Experiences

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Pay attention! GlobalTestMarket has a new name : LifePoints NL / LifePoints BE .

Go to the Lifepoints review / experiences .

The information below is therefore no longer applicable ...


Is it wise to become a member of GlobalTestMarket NL / GlobalTestMarket BE ?

We are going to give you the answer to that question in this article by giving you a full review! is specifically about good methods for making money online, such as a complete page about completing surveys .

You will see on that page that GlobalTestMarket is one of the best research panels in both the Netherlands and Belgium. They are therefore also in both Top 10 best paid survey panels !

Further on you can read how we came to this conclusion, including an assessment of all important features and a section on reliability.

In any case, we think that you should register yourself immediately, because this review is mostly positive.

In this review:

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Pros and cons

Lots of surveys available to complete every day, so you can earn a lot;

Good pay per completed survey;

Fees are credited directly to your account after a survey;

You can pay out via PayPal to your bank account and from $ 5, - (other sites often $ 10, -);

The site needs an update because it looks very old-fashioned. Works fine by the way, but still.

General is a website owned by a market research company. This agency is called Lightspeed and has had this site since 1999. They work for more than 1400 clients in more than 60 different countries.

The advantage of this site is that they are owned by a market research agency. This is not the case with many other sites and the fees are often lower because more people have to earn from it. Fortunately, fees are higher at GlobalTestMarket.

How does it work?

As with all paid surveys, you can earn money by completing market surveys. These are usually online questionnaires and you can complete them on a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

With this you usually give your opinion about various things such as advertisements, ideas for new products, politics, etc. Sometimes you can also test products at home, or you can participate in other types of surveys such as support groups or telephone surveys.

The information from the surveys is used by companies to improve their products and services, sometimes also their advertisements and advertisements. They profit from that, so they don't mind paying you for your opinion. So both parties gain .

Registering with GlobalTestMarket is without obligations and costs nothing. After registering, it is smart to fill in the profile characteristics first. With this basic information, it can be ensured that you receive the correct studies that actually include you in the target group .

If you do not complete this, the chances are much greater that you will receive an invitation for questionnaires that are not intended for you. You will see that after a few questions you have to stop filling in and you will not receive any reward. A waste of your time, so you can easily avoid it .

Once fully registered, you will find invitations in your mail every day to participate in surveys. Again there are no obligations, so if you don't feel like it or don't have the time, you don't have to participate.

But then you don't earn anything. If you do participate, you will see in advance what the merits are and how long the investigation will take. Afterwards, the reward is immediately credited to your account.

At Global Test Market you also save points that you can exchange for coupons, gifts or money. the latter can be done via PayPal. You can find out how much the points are worth on the site: 125 points equals 1 US dollar. If you have 600 points, you can already pay out in cash, namely $ 5, - Of course you can also save a little longer and have larger amounts transferred.

How much can you earn?

A normal exam is often 50 or 70 points and takes 8-15 minutes. Sometimes studies are also worth more, such as 150 or 200 points, but they also take longer.

You will receive invitations for new studies every day and this means that you can continue to earn. Rising up to $ 30 per month or more! Especially if you combine it with other websites from our Top 10 best survey sites in the Netherlands, you can add a nice amount per month.

GlobalTestMarket reliable?

Reliability must be evidenced by a number of different things. For example, we look at the payouts of your earned money, whether your earnings are properly and accurately tracked and whether the site and surveys work properly from a technical point of view.

At all points we scored just call GlobalTestMarket thick enough. Comparing with other sites, we hardly ever experience that the reimbursement is not credited correctly.

We can control this nicely because the rewards are always awarded immediately. Payment, by the way via PayPal, is always flawless and has never gone wrong.

So yes, we can say with certainty that this site is reliable and safe. No reason whatsoever not to register.


GlobalTestMarket is one of the better survey sites in the Netherlands. They are reliable and allow you to earn some extra money. No reason not to become a member!

Certainly do because it is very intelligent to sign up to multiple survey sites, because then you get more surveys and you can earn more. Then sign up with the best survey sites in the Netherlands .