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Are you considering signing up with

But not sure if this is a good idea?

The answer is NO !

There are plenty of better sites where you can participate in online surveys for money.

Just take a look at the Top 10 best paid survey sites (both for NL and Belgium).

You can read below why Glaxes is not listed.

In this review:

Pros and cons

   Payment can be made in cash to Paypal, or in gifts or coupons.

You can cash out from as little as 5 US dollars.

Large parts of the terms are written in German. They don't seem to be fully engaged with the Dutch market yet.

The reward per survey is low, at least lower than many other panels.


The site is owned by a German company called Untiedt Research GmbH. A marketing and market research agency that conducts online surveys, among other things, but also conducts other types of research. Offline surveys, product testing and group discussions.

The site of this agency seems a bit old-fashioned, but the privacy statement has been updated fairly recently. Moreover, it is positive that this party is a member of the more important industry organizations around ESOMAR.

They are active in many countries in Europe and far beyond. However, the Netherlands is not yet mentioned anywhere, perhaps that's why large parts of the site are still in German?

How does Glaxes work?

Here they hardly differ from the other panels you can find online. Survey sites all work more or less the same:

1. You must first register with your name and e-mail. This is free and without obligation, so sit on your membership not establish obligations that you have to participate in surveys.

2. You can then activate your account with the confirmation email you receive. Immediately afterwards, you will be asked to complete the first questionnaire about your personal data. We also call this the profile characteristics . This is especially important when determining whether you fall into the right target group for surveys that are being deployed. That is why you should always fill it in and keep it up to date! The advantage at is that you also immediately receive a compensation for this questionnaire, your first money has been received.

3. After your registration is complete you can start earning by filling in surveys. Within a few days, you will automatically receive invitations to participate in surveys by e-mail. So remember that this is never mandatory. You always see an indication of how long it will take to participate in the survey and what the fee will be. So you can decide for yourself whether you have enough time and whether you think it is worth the money!

4. The balance you save must reach a minimum of 6250 points, which is approximately 12+ studies. You can then have this transferred to your PayPal account and from there to your bank account. Please note that points can be kept for a maximum of 2 years!

How much do you earn?

The earnings are not very high. How many studies you can conduct is disappointing because this office has not really landed in the Netherlands yet, and the fee per completed study is also not very large.

All in all, it is a bit disappointing at this point, and perhaps this is one of the most important points of all ?!

Is reliable?

But this is actually the most important topic. Because no matter how much you earn, you have to get the money! It is quite a shame that you often read about research panels that members have spent weeks trying to reach the minimum balance for a payment and only then realize that the panel cannot actually be trusted.

These complaints cannot be found about That may be a good sign, but unfortunately it is not. If we visit other panels that are also from Untiedt Research, it is really raining complaints and bad reviews ! This gives us little hope ...


Don't sign up or try it out, there are plenty of other good survey panels that you can participate in online surveys for a fee. Just start with our Top 10 best survey sites , with that you can easily make a few hundred US dollars a month with those ten panels together.