Future Talkers Reliable? Experiences / Review

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Future Talkers is an online panel where you can earn money by completing surveys .

You may consider signing up for it, but is that wise ?

Good that you searched for reviews first!

Future Talkers is NOT one of the 10 best survey sites . We therefore recommend that you first register with those better websites.

With those ten sites you will be able to earn $ 300 to $ 500 per month just like that. And if you still have time to spare, you can always try Future Talkers again.

In this review:

Pros and cons

Modern ways of research. Not only questionnaires but also group discussions via the internet and writing blogs for a fee.

It is a somewhat less well-known party, which means that they do not have a lot of paid surveys per month.

The reward for the surveys can be higher.

So on balance you don't actually earn enough with it.

Who are Future Talkers

Future Talkers is slightly different from most online survey sites. Because according to the well-known questionnaires / surveys that you can fill in at all panels against payment, Future Talkers does its best to also conduct its market research in alternative ways. For example, you can regularly participate in online communities to discuss a topic live with a group. You can also write an individual blog. So it is not just boring questions!

The clients who conduct the surveys via this consumer panel are diverse, but always institutions that want to know your opinion on a particular subject. Always in order to improve their product, service, advertising campaign and the like. Our vision is therefore valuable to them, and that is why they are happy to pay for it.

The website and panel are both from InSites Consulting. That is a Dutch organization. They have been pioneering digital market research since 1997, but are now one of the hundred largest and also one of the ten most innovative companies in the market research business in the world (both have won a prize). They have 7 offices spread over 3 continents and from there they help large international companies, governments and non-profit organizations to improve their marketing worldwide.

How do they work?

Registration : Obviously the first step you should take. It costs you nothing to sign up so that doesn't have to stop you. As you will also see, it is also without obligation. This means that by registering you are not making any obligations, such as having to participate in a minimum number of surveys.

Filling in profile : This is not a mandatory step, but we highly recommend it: fill in all profile questions as much as possible! They determine which studies you will receive an invitation for. And if you do not complete them, Future Talkers will not know very well for which questionnaires you are or are not eligible and the chance is much greater that you will receive the wrong invitations for a survey where after a few questions it turns out that you are not in the target audience .

That is a waste of your time because then you still have to stop filling out and you will not receive any form of reward at all! And well if you have not filled in your profile correctly, you can only blame yourself if this happens.

Participate in research : Once fully registered, you will automatically receive invitations by e-mail to participate in research. With every invite you will see that there is a statement of the average time it takes to complete the survey, and what the reward is for it. As we have already mentioned, participation is always voluntary, so check if you think the reward is worth it and if you have enough time.

Payment : Immediately after completing a questionnaire, you will receive your reward in your account. Some customers sometimes want to check your answers for fairness first and that can take a little longer. If the balance in your account is at least $ 7.50, you can have it paid out. This is done via PayPal, but no problem because from there you can have it deposited into your bank account for free within a few days!

What will you earn?

The earnings are a bit disappointing because there are simply too few studies to make for the beautiful. As a result, you do not earn enough on balance.

That is why it is best to simply register for the 10 highest paid survey panels and only then see if you have the time and energy for more on the side. It also just depends on how much you want to earn, but with the aforementioned best sites you can easily make a few hundred US dollars a month. So first look at how they like it.

Are they reliable?

There are actually very few doubts about that. You can hardly find any complaints about this on the internet. Your reward is well allocated and your earnings are also paid out properly. That is not the problem! The only comment is actually continuously about the amount of the fees and the number of studies you can participate in. Unfortunately, the last two points are disappointing.


We are potentially very enthusiastic about this panel and the underlying market research agency. They are really doing things in a different and innovative way. We therefore think they are a future contender to get into the Top 10 best paid survey sites . But for now they are not yet on that because they have too little paid work for the members. So for now, first register with those ten other websites.