EuroQuestions Reliable? Experiences / Review

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Is it wise to register with this panel?

Absolutely not!

Is this so terribly bad then?

Even worse: they are inactive and not reliable ...

Instead , check out our article about the 10 best paid survey panels , where you earn the most and they are 100% reliable.

You can understand why we are so positive about this if you continue reading our review.

In this review:

Pros and cons

The site is outdated, there are errors everywhere such as in the general terms and conditions;

The company that appears to be behind the panel, Noviopinion, is not further linked in the privacy statement;

It really just seems like a scam;

The earnings that you reflect are not realistic;

The site or social media have not been updated for years.

About EuroQuestions

There is actually not much to know about this panel. In any case, they pretend to be a site where you can make money by completing surveys . Only: alarm bells go off as soon as you see the site.

The site just doesn't seem completely finished and certainly doesn't look professional. And if you look further it turns out that they link back to an email address of a company noviopinion that is also behind another survey panel, Pollland . However, those links do not work at all and links to important pages such as 'unsubscribe' do not work at all.

The general terms and conditions no longer mention noviopinion and the privacy statement links back to another url that can be traced back to FocusVision. An American company that makes software for, among other things, doing surveys.

They do not provide further information about themselves. The text that can be read does not make it more credible because the promised rewards of 1 or 2 US dollars per survey is not very credible.

The fact that the site is full of errors and they even spell their own website incorrectly in the first paragraph in their privacy conditions is reason enough for us not to even test the panel.

How does this panel work?

In any case, they pretend that they work just like any other panel and that you can decide how many studies you want to make. That can be several per day, which makes it immediately very attractive given the promised rewards per completed survey.

They also tell you that you can already pay out in cash to your bank account from 5 US dollars, but it is very laborious that this can take months and also weeks before your salo is updated.

How much do you earn at EuroQuestions?

In any case, they promise mountains of gold, 1 or 2 US dollars per study. Immediately guaranteed $ 2 for your first survey! And because they also promise that you would get multiple surveys per day, it easily seems from the outside to be the best paying panel out there right now.

But of course that story also sounds way too good to be true and it is, just read the next piece about the reliability. You should definitely not register here!

Is this a reliable site?

No absolutely not. Please do not register here! There are so many red flags if you already read through the limited information on the site:

  • There is a link to a reputable market research agency via email / customer service, but they have nothing to do with it;
  • The privacy statement of the registration form indirectly refers to another unknown company in the US;
  • There are no links everywhere, so you cannot unsubscribe yourself;
  • There is no further explanation of who they are or to which company they belong;
  • The information you do get is simply unbelievable;
  • And they are also full of spelling mistakes as they even misspell the name of their own website (.nl instead of .com) in the general terms and conditions in the first sentence!
  • It also states that you can participate from the age of 12, while that is prohibited in the Netherlands until the age of 16 ...
  • The site doesn't seem to be up to date or in use for a long time, just like their social media accounts aren't.


You shouldn't want anything to do with this site at all! Look for good alternatives in the Top 10 best paid survey sites . With these panels together you just earn a few hundred US dollars extra per month. Very easy online and digitally.

Those sites are reliable and active, and we say that not only based on our own experiences, but also those of our visitors and those of other reviews that can be found online.