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De Meedenkers is a Belgian consumer panel where you can earn money by completing surveys .

But is it a good idea to get involved or not?

Are they paying enough? Or are they not reliable?

We are all going to discuss in this review!

And to lift a tip of the shutter: this panel is NOT in our Top 10 best paying / reliable survey sites .

You can therefore better register yourself there. If you still have time, De Meedenkers is a great option if you like the topics. They are a lot more modern than many other survey panels.

Why you read in our review below.

In this review:

Pros and cons

Modern topics on anything to do with television, the internet, social media or new apps

This makes the target group a bit more limited (customers of Base or Telenet) and you will therefore have to do fewer surveys, which means you earn less

Reward only in the form of prizes

So you cannot earn coupons or money

About De Meedenkers

This research panel does things slightly differently. They focus very specifically on certain topics, and do not conduct all types of research as long as a client pays for it. That is to be praised. All surveys through Future Talkers technology, also a paid survey panel.

The websites and the panels are both owned / part of InSites Consulting. This is a Dutch company. Back in 1997, InSites Consulting was a pioneer in digital market research, but now one of the 100 largest and 10 most innovative market research firms in the world. They have 7 offices on 3 continents and from there they help international brands to make better and faster marketing choices worldwide, using smart digital technology.

How does this panel work?

You register, which is free and you are not bound by anything, and then you automatically receive the invitations for new surveys in your email. If you fill out that questionnaire you will earn money that you can transfer to your PayPal account and from there back to your bank account if you want, or you can buy things directly with PayPal with your earnings.

One thing you should pay attention to is completing your profile completely. You must complete this after registration and please do as much as possible. This determines which studies you will or will not receive an invitation. If you do not fill this in, the risk is much greater that you will receive the wrong invitations.

Then you may start filling in with fresh courage, but after a few questions (or sometimes very late) you will be expelled and you will not receive any reward. And you can't blame De Meedenkers for that!

And to clarify the part about "not being bound by anything": with each invitation it is stated how long the research in question will take approximately to participate and what the reward will be. You can then decide for yourself whether you actually do that. That is without obligation, but by not participating you will not earn any money! That seems logical to us, but we only mention it briefly.

What can you earn there?

The merits are somewhat limited because there are also fewer topics to do surveys on (and therefore fewer surveys to complete). That is why it is best to first register yourself at the 10 best paid survey sites and only then consider whether you still have time and energy left for the Co-thinkers. Or if you simply want to earn even more from the few hundred US dollars per month that you can get with those aforementioned ten panels.

Is it a reliable panel?

Yes, there are actually no complaints about that, because they are really only about the low number of studies you can make. Payment is without problems and is already possible with an excellent minimum amount.

Our recommendation

Read the heading above about how much you can earn and then you know enough. We want to repeat ourselves but since you've come this far on the page you've probably read enough at this point ;-)