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Is it smart to register with ConnectNederland?


Is this panel that bad then? No, they are really reliable.

But there are simply much better panels!

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Why this site is not recommended by us can be found in the review below with an assessment of all important points.

In this review:

Pros and cons

There is very little information available on the site, nothing about possible fees per survey

You should be able to win prizes but nowhere is it stated which one

There is no further mention of this panel anywhere on the internet, strange!

About ConnectNederland

This panel is a collaboration. The main party behind it is Panel Inzicht, a large research agency. Other partners are Qassa, the cashback site, and CINT, which provides the technology to conduct the studies. They deliver this purely as software through which you can distribute surveys among a group of panel members. Qassa of course has a large group of members, to whom they offer this channel as an extra way of making money.

But we don't know more at the moment. That there is still very little information to be found about this panel.

How does this panel work?

It is important to first mention that we have not tested this ourselves, but that we have collected this information via the existing website.

The process is identical to that of almost all other panels where you can complete paid surveys . You have to register first, of course for free and without any obligation. You will then automatically receive invitations for surveys in your e-mail. It will then state approximately how long the investigation will take and what the fee is for it. So you can still decide for yourself whether you accept the invitation or rather not.

When you have earned a total balance of $ 12.50 (so of all earnings from completed surveys added together) you can have this amount paid out to your bank account.

How much do you earn?

Can't we tell you. But since this panel is not recommended anywhere, that probably won't be very much! Other features are also very similar to the usual survey panels, so the earnings will certainly not be that bad, we expect. But not as many as with the top 10 best paid survey sites !

Is this a reliable panel?

Yes, we dare to put our hand in the fire for that. Panel Inzicht and QASSA behind this site are, in our experience, very reliable parties! They meet the most important quality marks and industry requirements.

In addition, a comprehensive privacy statement that looks professional can be found on the site of this panel. So your personal information is fine.

We expect the same with the payment of your earned money, you will definitely get that. This panel may not be recommended anywhere on the internet, but there are also no negative reviews anywhere that says a lot!


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