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Only a good review can answer this question.

So we wrote it for you!

We will not claim that this site is not secure ...

But registering yourself there is simply not necessary!

They are not themselves a survey company / research agency, but a cunning intermediary who wants your e-mail address and then only forward you to the real survey sites. They get paid for that.

But you can also simply register yourself immediately with the 10 best paid survey sites in the Netherlands or Belgium.

Further in this review:

Pros and cons

They are not a survey panel at all, so they are not going to pay you to fill out surveys .

They want your email address to send advertising to their partners. To make money from you.

They say that you can earn from $ 10 per survey, but that is a very wrong promise. The vast majority of studies have a reward of a few euros, and much less than 1 US dollar!

About BestePetaaldEnquê

This site is actually nothing more than a clever intermediary. They request your data and then send you advertisements for the survey sites with which they have agreements. So they will never pay you or give out rewards themselves, but just try to make money from you.

That is okay and their right, but why not otherwise? They can also just immediately tell you which panels are good in their opinion? And give you the choice of which one you want to participate in or not.

How does it work?

You can register for free and without obligation via Bestebetaaldeenquê So it costs you nothing, "so far so good ..." You must enter your gender, first name, last name and e-mail address. Then you will receive emails from them recommending survey companies they have a partnership with. Still not much wrong with that.

By sharing your data, they receive money from the survey companies. They may know all about us, but this ensures that they have a specific interest in which companies they recommend you and which they do not. And there are panels in between (we also like the companies they mention on their site!), But will it stay that way? And where are the other panels that might be better?

You can also immediately register yourself with the good survey companies. You can read this on the page about earning money by completing surveys .

We also have more information per panel through our reviews and survey experiences page. We have written an extensive article for each panel.

How much can you earn?

They claim up to $ 300 per month. That's a lot with their limited number of partners! We do agree with this amount that you can earn by completing surveys, but then with the 10 best paid enuête panels in NL and Belgium. It could even go up to as much as $ 500 per month, depending on the target group you belong to and how much time you have to participate.

Is BestPaid Surveys reliable?

We are not going to say that they are not reliable or safe. They are part of a UK / English company that complies with data protection laws and they also have a good privacy statement.

So the one thing we don't fully trust if they aren't slightly biased in the survey companies they promote.


Registering is pointless unfortunately, it unnecessarily costs you an extra step and time because you can also register yourself with the best research panels. An extra intermediary only means a risk.

And that is not necessary because: these are the 10 best survey sites in the Netherlands (also a Top 10 Belgium). You can decide for yourself whether and with which you want to be a member.