BEENQ Reliable? Experiences / Review

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A new survey panel called BEENQ, available at

This is an abbreviation for BE taalde INT uêtes.

Liked that name, but is this site also reliable?

As far as we are concerned, certainly yes . Not just any of the 10 best paid survey sites in the Netherlands and Belgium.

You can read more about why this is the case below, in which we give an assessment of all important aspects based on experiences.

In this review:

Pros and cons

Clear and well-functioning site and app

More than enough surveys to participate in every week

Good fair rewards

Pay out quickly in cash via PayPal

About BEENQ is a website of beenq, which in turn is part of the Dutch Dr Mike Hinze. Behind this site is a survey panel that runs on the software of the Swedish CINT AB. This site focuses only on the Dutch-speaking market, that is, the Netherlands and Belgium.

As you could see from the name, they only specialize in making paid surveys available to their members. So you can earn money by completing surveys , not with other methods such as other sites sometimes offer such as earning cashback or earning as a savings program .

They are fairly new and founded in 2021. Their main aim is to make it as fun as possible to participate in the surveys, while focusing on the needs of the members. For example, they can indicate themselves what kind of surveys they want to participate in and how often.

How does BEENQ work?

registration is without obligation and free of charge. You can participate from the age of 18 in the Netherlands and from the age of 13 in Belgium. This simply has to do with legislation. When registering, you only need to provide your gender, name, zip code and date of birth.

Later you can make your profile more complete by answering all kinds of profile questions. We certainly recommend this because then you will receive more and more relevant studies and you will simply be able to earn more at the bottom of the line.

You will receive invitations to a new survey by e-mail or in the app if you install it. It is always communicated in advance how long it should take approximately and what reward will be given.

After you have completed an investigation, it will immediately be added to your account. As soon as you have collected 10 US dollars, which is pretty quick, you can have this paid out to your PayPal account. From there it can go to your bank or you can spend it immediately. Beenq is therefore a good site to earn PayPal credit .

How much can you earn?

The great thing about this panel is that they try to help you earn as much as you can if you want. There is also a page with all kinds of tips on how to make the best use of the panel and portal. And of course this is not surprising because if you earn more, then so are you.

The compensation you will receive for a completed survey is as fair as possible and depends on the time it takes to answer the questions. This has been estimated in advance by the researchers. It ranges from 20 cents for a 1-2 minute survey to USD 3.50 for a more than 36 minute survey. Just say about 10 cents a minute.

In our own experiences, there are also many studies available. This means that you can earn more, sometimes there are 20 studies waiting at the same time when you log in! We dare to say that you can realize a payment every month. (this is possible from 10 US dollar as mentioned earlier).

Especially if you combine BEENQ with several of the other best survey sites you can earn a few hundred US dollars more in total every month!

Is reliable?

First, let's explain what we actually mean by reliability. In our opinion, this is made up of a number of things, namely:

  • Good handling of your personal data. You provide quite a bit of information to a panel such as personal data, contact details, but a lot more information in your profile and certainly also in the surveys you complete.
  • Assign your earnings quickly and without errors. You should actually receive it in your account immediately after completing a survey. And this should not go wrong, because then you have done your work for free. And having to chase it all the time is no fun either.
  • Fast and accurate payment of your earnings. This shouldn't take weeks and certainly shouldn't go wrong. You mainly participate to actually earn something with it, so it has to come in. actually scores very well on these points. In collaboration with CINT, they are active with the latest and safest software and have all important ISO certifications and are members of the important industry organizations for good and safe market research.

Payment of your earnings is fast via PayPal (almost immediately) and from there it will be in your bank account within a few days. But you can also spend it directly with PayPal at many web shops.


If you have read the above, it is no surprise that we heartily recommend that you become a member of BEENQ . It is a well-functioning site, you have enough surveys to participate in and you get a fair reward that you can have credit paid out to your bank account via PayPal.