Survey Club Reliable? Experiences and Reviews

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Is recommended?

Or not?

We think so !

They are in our list of best online savings programs that are reliable for a reason .

You can read why this honor deserves them in the review below, including a review of all important aspects.

In this review:

Pros and cons

Make money with many types of simple tasks (see table below)

If you bring in people as a member, such as family and friends, you will receive $ 5 per person and also 10% forever on the shop earnings of those friends. That can save a lot of money!

Via your own online panel you can earn extra fast / a lot by completing surveys

EnquêteClub works together with more than 3,700 webshops where you as a member receive a cashback discount! In addition to offers and current promotions.

How exactly does it work?

Online savings programs are ideally suited for simply making money . You get a reward for the simplest things. You can find out which all these are at the survey club in the table below. You can pay out in coupons or simply to your bank account.

Earn with ... compensation
Sign up bonus $ 7.50 immediately after registration
Click emails 0.5 - 1 cent per e-mail read
Clicking on banners multiple types of banners for 0.5 - 1 cents, every day!
Likes on social media Share promotions on Facebook or Twitter and get 1 cent at a time. You can even earn money with Whatsapp!
Playing games Including "find the code" and lotteries
Cashback (discount) At no less than 3700+ web shops
Complete surveys Its own Online Panel with many interesting studies and excellent fees
Apply members Always receive $ 5 plus 10% on the shop earnings of your friends
Participate in promotions Fee for promotions + offers from click emails
Offers Exclusive discount codes and extra offers
Save Compare eg energy, mobile or internet, TV & calling. Save and earn cashback immediately!
Jackpot Participate every day and for free!
Gamble Sometimes you can participate in "predict the results"
Additional You can write a testimonial for a fee (review)

How much will you earn?

It requires some explanation to arrive at a number, because this is very dependent on the amount of time and effort you put into it, but on the other hand you are also very smart with this spa program.

The paid e-mails and clicks will save you a few cents. This does not cost you any effort, but it does not immediately make you rich. What does generate a lot of money quickly are three things:

  1. Complete surveys
  2. Cashback shopping
  3. Friends invitations

With the Online Panel you can participate in survey surveys where you can easily earn ten euros per month. Cashback shopping is even more interesting, because just think of how much it will yield you if you now get 5% back on all your online purchases of the past years!

That's exactly what you get at survey club! In addition to promotions and current offers. And they work with all the major shops such as wehkamp, ​​, coolbue and hema. Especially because you can actually buy anything online nowadays, you also get cashback at AH for your groceries.

Finally, it can be very attractive to sign up your friends and family. Not only do you receive 5 US dollars once, but also 10% forever on the discount they earn by shopping at the affiliated web stores. That is an insane amount of money!

That is why we dare to claim that you can earn $ 100 per month with this website! Especially because you have multiple types of earning, great advantage of earning money with savings programs .

Is Enquê reliable?

In order to test this properly, we mainly want to be able to rely on our own experience. that is why we have already registered as a regular member. In doing so, we always pay particular attention to two things: proper registration of all earnings (from all earning methods) and a quick and correct payment of your balance to your bank account.

The great thing is that this has been going without any problems for years now! It all runs smoothly. That is a nice feeling and that is why this site also gets the maximum score for us in terms of reliability.

What is Survey Club?

They describe themselves as a cashback site, but we think it is actually more of an internet savings program. There are more ways of earning than just cashback shopping, which also look a lot like the original savings websites: reading emails, clicking links, playing games, etc.

But the fact that there are also opportunities to earn money with cashback and complete paid surveys is only extra positive! Of all cashback sites in the Netherlands, they also work together with most web stores where you can earn that cashback discount.

The site is part of Orangebuddies, which operates several such websites in the Netherlands, but also Germany, England, Spain, Canada, Australia and the United States. Other such sites include: , , , &

Our advice

Register immediately ! You can earn a lot of money with this site and also reliably. In many different ways so that there is enough variety and it does not get boring. By the way, paying out is done via your bank account, so you can simply spend cash where you want. But you can also choose to pay out in gift vouchers or you can choose a gift in your own shop.