Crazy Gold Reliable? Experiences and Reviews

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Does everyone have to register with immediately?

Or should you stay as far away from it as possible?

We will answer that question for you.

And to lift a little bit of the veil: this site DOES feature our Top 10 best savings programs in the Netherlands.

Or are we already giving too much away? ( YES , you have to sign up nicely)

Well ... you can read in the review below why they are in that list based on an assessment on the important points.

In this review:

Pros and cons

All kinds of different things with which you can earn money

When you bring in new members (friends) you not only get a nice 2 US dollars, but also a great 10% bonus on what those friends are going to earn from cashback.

You can also earn quickly by completing surveys via the online panel.

You get a discount at more than 3,700 online stores they work with

How does this site work?

Savings programs (also called get-paid-to-site) are an ideal way for members to earn easy money . You will be rewarded for ridiculously simple tasks. There are quite a lot of these, so we have put together a handy table for you. You also always see how much everything yields. Once you have earned a total of $ 10, you can have this paid out in cash to your bank, or in the form of a voucher or gift.

Earn with: Reward
Sign up bonus $ 1, - as a gift immediately upon registration
Read emails 0.5 - 1 cent per mail
Clicking on banners multiple banners per day for 0.5 - 1 cent
Social media likes Share promotions on Facebook or Twitter and always receive 1 euro cent. You can also earn via Whatsapp
Playing games Multiple games available
Cashback (discount) More than 3,700 online stores they work with, so you get a discount
Complete surveys There is an Online Panel: enough studies and good reward
Bringing in friends Receive $ 2 and as a bonus always 10% on the cashback that your friends earn
Participate in promotions You will also receive cashback on all advertisements that you click on in the emails or banners
Offers Exclusive discount codes and offers
Save Comparison of eg energy, mobile telephony or internet, TV & calling. And also immediately earn cashback here!
Jackpot Every day a member wins a hefty cash prize of up to $ 50
Gamble Good but not often online
Additional You get paid when you write a testimonial (review)

How much do you earn with it?

Well, you just read above how incredible many ways there are to boost your balance at all. Of these, cashback, applying for members and completing surveys are the most interesting, because by far the highest earnings are achieved. The fact that you can combine all of these is the advantage of earning with a savings program .

Just think about the surveys: they earn you 50 cents to a few euros per completed survey, which is a lot faster than 1 cent at a time!

And then the cashback: an average of 2-5% money back on all your purchases that you make online, how much could you have cared in the past year?

And then we are not even talking about the fact that you can also take 10% of the cashback of all the members you bring in! Plus the 2 US dollars per member to start with!

No of course it helps if you put in more effort / time. But then it is just possible that you will collect $ 100 per month here , there is no doubt about that. reliable?

Yes you can assume that blindly. We have experienced this ourselves because in order to be able to judge this we have registered ourselves as a regular member, mystery guest say! We actually do that at all sites that we review and in this category we pay attention to whether your fees are properly and correctly tracked, and whether these earnings are also paid out in cash to your bank account or in the form of a reward in kind as it is so beautifully called. In the case of this site you can also choose a voucher or gift.

And to summarize our experience: this has been going on so far, and it has been for several years now, every time without any hassle. So no doubts on this point.

About Gekkengoud

As they state on their website, they are mainly a cashback site, but we think it is perhaps more of an online savings program. Because there are several ways of making money besides cashback shopping, those that are inspired by savings programs: reading emails, clicking banners, playing games, etc.

But you can get the most by earning money with cashback and also completing paid surveys . So it's good that they do this too. An extra plus is that compared to other sites that also offer cashback discounts (whether these are special cashback sites also savings program sites), they work by far with the highest number of online stores.

Gekkengoud is owned by Orangebuddies, which has more such comparable sites in the Netherlands, but also Germany, England, Spain, Canada, Australia and the US. There are a number of similar sites in our country:


Very simple: Just sign up ! Crazy gold will help you to make a lot of money and they are very reliable. Your money will therefore also arrive in your bank account. But if you prefer to be paid in cash vouchers or gifts, you can!

They work together with many web shops where you get a discount and also offer even more good ways to boost your balance. that you can find all this in one place / site ensures that you will not get tired of it any time soon.