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Pay attention!

MyFlavours will cease to exist on 01/09/2021.

Look for alternatives in the top 10 best savings programs or the top 10 best cashback sites .

Should I register with Myflavours ?

If that is the question that does not answer you, then you have come to the right page to find your answer!

And come straight to the bush: this website is not for nothing in our Top 10 best online savings programs !

So yes! We think you should definitely register yourself there.

Why that is exactly the case you can read below in a full review with of course an assessment of all important aspects.

In this review:

Pros and cons

Almost too many ways you can all make money.

You get cashback (discount) at more than 3,700 web shops. All big and famous names, in addition to offers and promotions. Free money!

Bringing in new members (such as family or friends) is very attractive. You get a bonus of 2 US dollars for that. And if that wasn't enough, you also get an extra 10% bonus on what those friends earn in cashback. As long as they are members. This can bring you a lot!

To earn extra quickly, you can participate in the online panel (fill out surveys).

How does this site work?

This site considers itself primarily a cashback site. Not surprising where you can make the most money with that, but there are many more ways available. Especially a lot of simple actions will earn you rewards. Not much, but it will also cost you little or no time and effort. Filling in the fees for surveys is making a bit more progress.

You can find all the ways below in a handy table. From a balance of 10 US dollars you can have this paid out in gift cards or to your bank account

Earn with: Reward
Sign up bonus $ 1, - as a gift immediately upon registration
Click banners a number every day for half to 1 cent per click
Read emails enough mails every month for also 1/2 to 1 cent
Paid promotions All promotions of the mails and click banners also earn you a cashback / bonus if you accept them.
Social media Share likes via Facebook or other networks and receive 1 cent. You can also use WhatsApp to earn.
Cashback shopping Free discount at thousands of web shops, on top of offers
Games Multiple fun games that you can earn with
Complete survey Multiple surveys per month through the online panel for excellent reward
Register members $ 2 to start and then 10% extra of the cashback that the members you bring in earn. Friends, family or strangers via social media / your website, that's all!
Offers Exclusive (discount) codes and promotions for members
Save There are comparators for energy, mobile + internet, TV & calling. Save on your subscriptions and also receive cashback for switching!
Jackpot Every day someone among the members wins a nice prize up to a maximum of $ 50, -
Write a review You will receive a reward when you write a testimonial about MyFlavours

What do you earn?

In the table with earning ways you have just seen that you can bring in money in many ways. Nowadays, some at half a cent at a time may not seem very interesting at first sight, there are also a number that do make a difference! It is precisely that you can combine them that makes earning money with savings programs so interesting.

Creating surveys, for example, will earn you 50 cents to a few euros at a time. At least that makes some progress, doesn't it? Especially if you can make several every week!

But cashback is even more interesting, because if you do indeed get roughly 5-10% money back on your purchases that you make online at web stores, that will increase considerably. Just calculate how much you already spend at web shops. And if you also buy more via the internet instead of in the physical store (because that extra discount is of course very interesting) it will only add up!

And then the superlative is that you also get another 10% of the cashback earned by the members who have been brought in by you! Can you tell if you really know how to bring in a lot of friends and family by, for example, putting a post on your social media, damn!

That is why we dare to say that you can just grab $ 100 per month with MyFlavours , and if you know how to bring in many members, a lot more!

Is MyFlavours reliable?

We can now say that we are very experienced in assessing these types of websites. We always just register ourselves as a normal member and then assess a number of points as a kind of mystery shopper.

The things we pay attention to are mainly two topics: 1) without problems and quickly allocating earned rewards, such as cashback on your purchases that is easily settled, and 2) the accurate and smooth payment of your earned euros to your bank account.

Both cases have actually always gone without problems and we do not hear any complaints about them. So thumbs up as far as we are concerned!


Considering all the ways of earning, you can classify this site as an online savings program, survey panel and cashback sites. Even if they consider themselves to be the latter because that is how they describe themselves. Not surprising, because one of their most important distinguishing capabilities is indeed that they work with the vast majority of online stores in this area if you compare them with the competition. was not founded by Orangebuddies but was bought by this company for a few years. This because they have more similar sites and wanted to expand. They now have such activities in the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Spain, Canada, Australia and US. In NL there are a number of these websites:


We believe that everyone should become a member of MyFlavours. You can earn in many ways so that it does not become boring and also provides a large amount of extra income per month. They are reliable and you will not just have a problem getting your money or running into other problems.