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Do I have to register with ?

If that's your question, then you're going to find the answer here!

Because it is not for nothing that this site is in our Top 10 best cashback sites and also in the Top 10 best savings programs !

You can find out why this is so in our rating / review below, but we can tell you that registering is a good idea :-)

In this review:

Pros and cons

You can make money in many ways (see table below)

You can save extra quickly by earning cashback: a discount at more than 3,700 online stores!

You also earn a lot in a short time by completing surveys

If you bring in all your friends, you immediately receive 5 US dollars & then 10% of what those friends earn with cashback shopping forever. So that can add up!

How does CasbackKorting work?

Sites such as are very similar. They offer a wide range of money making opportunities. Basically, these are mainly easy tasks that can be performed without much thinking, time or effort. We have listed the details of this website in a clear table.

When you have together saved an amount of $ 25, you can have this paid out to your bank account or paid out in the form of gift vouchers.

Earn with: Merit
Start Bonus $ 7.50
Read emails 0.5 - 1 cent per email read
Click banners A few banners per day for 0.5 - 1 cent
Giving social media likes Share promotions for 1 cent per like. You can also earn via Whatsapp
Playing games Some fun games
Cashback Discount at most web shops of all cashback sites, more than 3700
Complete surveys Its own online panel with excellent studies and rewards
Bringing in friends In any case, $ 5.00 per introduced member and on top of that 10% on the shop earnings of those same friends
Participate in promotions Cashback / bonus for all actions from the click emails and click banners
Offers Exclusive discount codes & offers for members
Save Comparators to monitor energy, mobile calls or internet, TV & calls. Also cashback & transfer service!
Jackpot Enter for free and every day someone wins a prize of up to 50 US dollars
Gamble Only rarely available

How much can you earn?

That really depends on how smart you handle it. And of course how much time you put into it! Tip: You earn the most by 1) completing surveys, 2) shopping for cashback and, 3) bringing in friends.

Not that you shouldn't use the other ways! All in all, you can easily earn $ 100 per month, especially if you know how to bring in some friends because they save for you!

Is also reliable?

Yes, that's for sure. We always test it ourselves by registering as a "mystery guest" as a regular member. And then we actually pay attention to two things:

Firstly, how well and quickly do the rewards arrive in your account (for example, how long does it take for a cashback amount to be approved), and secondly, how quickly the money is paid out, whether this is to your bank account or in the form of a receipt. And this site actually scores maximum on both points.

Background information

This website actually has it all in one place: simply earn as with a savings program, earn a little faster with paid surveys such as an online survey panel and a discount at a lot of web shops such as a real cashback site.

They themselves consider themselves mainly a cashback site, by the way, but we also think it is a savings program. Because only with those types of websites you can easily earn by reading advertising mails, clicking on banners, playing games and so on.

The site belongs to the company Orangebuddies, which has several such websites in many countries, including the Netherlands, but also in Spain, Germany, UK, Canada, Australia and USA. A number of these are for example: , , , &


Everything about this site / review is positive so don't wait any longer, you just have to sign up ! There are many methods of making money, all of which are easy and require little effort. Basically, you just leave free money if you decide not to become a member.