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Should you become a member of or not?

If you ask yourself this, you will find the answer in this review!

In any case, our answer is a YES .

It is not without reason that we recommend this site as one of the Top 10 best savings programs without an account score and they are also one of the 5 best cashback sites .

You can find out why this is so in the rating / review below.

In this review:

Pros and cons

Lots of different methods of making money online

By referring friends you will earn 2 US dollars + 10% of what they earn from cashback shopping, forever!

Earn extra fast by completing surveys

Get cashback discount at more than 3,700 web shops!

How does NuCash work?

These types of sites are also known abroad as "get-paid-to" sites, because you get paid for all kinds of different actions. Originally, these are always very simple tasks, making it an excellent way to make simple money .

You can find all the ways you can apply at NuCash in the table below. Once you have saved 10 US dollars you can have this paid out to your bank account or exchange it for gift cards, whichever you prefer.

Earn with: Merit
Start Bonus $ 1, -
Click emails 0.5 - 1 cent per email you read
Clicking on banners multiple click banners for 0.5 - 1 eurocent per day!
Likes on social media Share promotions on your social networks and receive 1 cent per like / share. Can also be done with Whatsapp
Playing games multiple options available
Cashback (discount) At most web shops of all savings programs / cashback sites, namely 3700+
Complete surveys They have their own online panel with excellent surveys and rewards
Apply members Earn $ 2 per referral member plus 10% off those friends' shop earnings
Participate in promotions Cashback / bonus for all promotions behind the click emails & click banners
Offers Exclusive discount codes & offers for members
Save Comparators that you can use to save on eg energy, mobile calls or internet, TV & calls. You also get cashback when switching!
Jackpot Join for free and every day a member wins a cash prize of up to US $ 50
Gamble Only rarely available

How much will you earn?

As far as our own experience is concerned, you can earn 100 US dollars per month or more! But then you have to do it right. We have some tips for you for that:

In principle, you do not earn the most money by clicking on emails or banners. Do it because it certainly counts, but 3 other things will give you more, namely: 1) the online panel, 2) shopping with cashback, and 3) bringing friends. Precisely that you can do all the ways together in favor of earning with online savings programs .

  1. You must register separately for the online panel after you have registered. Then you will automatically receive invitations for paid surveys. These often earn you 50 cents to a few euros.
  2. If you shop via NuCash at the affiliated web stores, you will receive cashback. A few percent up to a fixed amount on a particular purchase. That can be tens of euros at a time on products that you already buy now! So you are actually leaving free money if you don't do this.
  3. And if you bring friends you also get 10% of the cashback they earn shopping! You can also recruit members through your own social media or website, so the potential is endless. In addition to that percentage, you also receive a fixed amount of 2 US dollars per member.

Is reliable?

To really test this, we thought it necessary to be able to start from our own experiences. so we just signed up as a member. We do this more often to assess sites, where we look at two things: correct keeping of all earnings and a flawless payment of your balance to your bank account. Moreover, that shouldn't take too long, because nothing is more annoying than having to wait for your money!

And you know what: in all the years that we have been a member of NuCash this has never gone wrong! Always nicely received our money. It does take a little longer than with comparable sites, but not too long that it is annoying. So a small improvement point, but otherwise perfectly fine.

General information is actually all in one: savings program, survey panel and cashback site. Strictly speaking, it is mainly the first, but what does that really matter? Well the simple things where you can earn money with a savings program you will never find at the other types of sites, but vice versa. So the paid advertising emails, click banners, games, etc.

But the fact that you can also earn money with cashback and complete online surveys is great because you earn even faster! Of the cashback sites in NL, they also work with most webshops where you can earn cashback.

The website is owned by Orangebuddies, which operates several similar domains in the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, England, Canada, Australia and the United States. A number of examples are: , , , &


Stop reading and sign up right now ! This is a very pleasant site where you can earn a lot of money in a reliable and fun way. What more could you want? Exactly, nothing at all!