iPay Reliable? Experiences and Reviews

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In this review you can find out whether registering with iPay.nl is sensible.

We think so .

Logical since this site is one of our Top 10 best internet savings programs ...

and iPay after EuroClix even the second best casbacksite of Netherlands is.

Why all that honor is due them will become clear in the assessment of all important aspects below.

In this review:

Pros and cons

Almost too many ways to earn cash (see table below)

You earn extra fast by participating in paid surveys

Cashback can yield you even more: always free extra discount at more than 3,700 online stores on top of promotions and offers.

And if you bring friends, you also get 10% of the cashback they earn! Forever. Plus a starting bonus of $ 2 per friend.

How does iPay work?

You save with these types of sites in all kinds of ways, often with very simple things such as clicking on banners or reading emails, but there are more methods that also go a bit faster!

You can find them all in a handy overview. As soon as you have a total balance of $ 12.50 you can have this paid out. Payment can be made to your bank account, but it is also possible to receive gift cards.

Sign up bonus 1 US dollar
Read emails 0.5 - 1 eurocent for every mail (90+ mails per month)
Clicking banners 0.5 - 1 euro cent per banner, several per day
Give likes 1 cent per like / share on Facebook or Twitter. You can also earn via Whatsapp
Games plenty of different options
Cashback discount As mentioned above, you get a discount at over 3,700 web shops, on top of offers, up to 10% or a fixed amount of tens of euros
Participate in research Paid surveys via your own Online Panel, but switch on after registration! often 50 cents to a few euros per completed questionnaire.
Bringing in friends $ 2 per friend to start with, and after that 10% forever on the cashback earnings of these friends
Participate in promotions Fee for all actions from the click-mails & click-banners
Exclusive offers Discount codes & promotions only for members
Save Compare energy prices and subscriptions for mobile calls, internet, TV & fixed telephony. Also cashback for the switch
Jackpot Enter for free and every day someone wins up to 50 US dollars
Gamble Sometimes, not always

How much will you earn?

You just have to make smart use of the various earning possibilities to get as much out of it as possible. The fact that you have all these different ways is precisely the advantage of earning with these types of savings sites . You earn the best by completing the surveys, shopping cashback and referring members.

In the latter case, it does not necessarily have to be friends or family, but you can also introduce completely strangers by, for example, posting a post on your social media. Be creative, because that 10% on their shop earnings quickly add up to a mega amount!

That is why we dare to say that with a beast of effort and luck you can easily earn 100 US dollars a month , but possibly much more! And even if you don't have many friends, if you get 2-10% back on all your online purchases, that is often a hefty fee.

Is iPay Reliable?

To answer this question correctly, there are in fact 2 things that we will examine:

  1. Good rewards, such as cashbacks at web shops
  2. Pay out balances correctly to bank account or in receipts

And this is not only about accuracy, but also about speed. Nice when your money arrives, but it shouldn't take months either! And you don't want to have to wait that long before your cashback discount is approved.

Fortunately, both work more than fine with iPay. We can say that because we ourselves have been secretly participating as a normal member for a number of years, and our experiences are just very good. So yes, the reliability of this site is good.

Background information

This site has it all: you can shop at an incredible number of online stores with a cashback discount, but also fill out surveys for money and perform all kinds of simple tasks for rewards as you see with online savings programs.

Orangebuddies is the founder and owner of this website. They are specialists in this field and have many more such sites in the Netherlands, but also in other countries including Spain, Germany, England, Canada, Australia and the United States. A number that we can just name in NL are: enqueteclub.nl , gekkengoud.nl , cashbackkorting.nl , & nucash.nl

Our Conclusion

Respect that you have come this far reading this page! Because why actually? Surely it is now clear that you just have to register yourself at iPay.nl ? A good and reliable website to earn money and get discounts at a lot of web shops! We couldn't even find any real negatives!