Euroclix Reliable? Experiences and Reviews

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Are you considering becoming a member of or ?

Good that you read this review first!

This website is all about ways of earning money online, such as with savings programs and cashback .

As you can see on the pages on these topics, Euroclix is ​​in 1st place everywhere! It is the best site in the Netherlands in these categories, below you can read that our rating is.

In any case, we strongly recommend that you register immediately, because our review is very positive.

How does it work?

As with all savings programs, you can earn money with many different but above all simple actions. Below you will find a table with all the ways, and what the reward is.

This fee will be credited to the balance of your Euroclix account, which you can then transfer to your own bank account from $ 10.

Earn with ... compensation
Sign up bonus $ 2.55 immediately after registration
Read e-mail 1 click per email read (1.7 cents)
Clicking on banners / links not possible
Likes / shares on social media paid likes are not possible, you can share promotions and get paid if others buy something via that link
Playing games Luckyclix (Fruit machine), prices up to $ 1700, -
Cashback (discount) at web shops Up to 15% on your purchase at more than 2,400 online stores such as, Zalando and Coolbue
Complete surveys High reimbursements per completed survey, up to $ 10 each time!
Apply members $ 2.55 per introduced acquaintance or friend + 10% on all their earnings!
Participate in promotions Reward for free promotions + all promotions from paid emails
Offers Exclusive offers and discounts for members
Save Participate in collective purchasing of energy or subscriptions for TV, internet and (mobile) calling.
Jackpot A weekly free jackpot with prizes up to 500 clix
Gamble Bet on football or Formula 1 web matches and
Click and win promotions not possible
BONUS Earn 1 click for every search you do on the search engine

How much can you earn?

If you make good use of all the different earning methods and actively visit the website, we think that with Euroclix alone you can earn $ 170 per month without too much effort. Cashback and surveys are especially important here.

Another additional advantage is that your saved points become worth more, the higher your balance. For example, you can cash out 1000 clix for 10 US dollars (1 cent per click), or with a 70% bonus! Other savings programs don't ...

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Is Euroclix reliable?

We have mentioned it briefly, but reliability is the most important factor that has made Euroclix so successful. For example, we have requested multiple transfers and the promised money has always arrived in our bank account. In addition, the processing is very fast, because it is already transferred within 4 working days!

We also see that when you participate in campaigns or research that the reimbursement is credited immediately or very quickly. The technology behind this website works very well. Euroclix is ​​also so fair that they already pay the fee to their members before they have received it themselves from the companies they work with. This is often not the case with competitors. Typically an example that at Euroclix it is mainly about the satisfaction of the members, and not just about making money. So answer the question whether Euroclix is ​​reliable: Yes absolutely!

Final verdict

It will no longer be a surprise, but we actually do not understand that you are still reading this. Euroclix NL / Euroclix BE is a great site where you can join for free, even if you get a sign-up bonus and earn a lot of money without any commitment!

General information

Euroclix was originally a savings program, but now also a cashback site and research panel at the same time. They have been around since 1999 and were one of the first in this branch of sport in the Netherlands. The fact that they still exist, make a profit and have lots of active members is already a sign that it is a solid company that has something to offer its users.

They mainly owe this success to themselves. Experiences that you read on the internet with this website are mainly positive and so has our own experience. Reliability is of paramount importance, and there is good, fast and Dutch customer service. Compared to competitors, they stand out head and shoulders above the rest in almost all areas. For example, they have higher fees, higher cashback at more and better online stores and they pay out your money very quickly.