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Do you want to make money with Facebook?

We get that because it is one of the best ways to make money online via the internet !

We are happy to share our own experiences and tips.

In a few minutes of reading you will know how you can get started.

In this article:

1. Affiliate marketing

This is by far the best way we will discuss. Especially because you can earn a lot more with it than with the other options combined. But on the other hand, it is not the simplest ...

In short, earning money with affiliate marketing is nothing more than advertising products or services that are not your own. So you advertise for other companies. And you get paid for that when you are successful . If someone buys something through your message or advertisement, registers somewhere, etc., you will receive a reward for it.

Sometimes a fixed amount, sometimes a percentage of the purchase amount. And you can earn a lot of money with that, because there is no upper limit . And the nice thing about social media is that you can reach a lot of people without any costs.

Just check how many friends you have on Facebook (and again: on other social platforms). If you promote an action on that, many people will see that, especially if you ask your friends to like and share your post. This way you may be able to reach thousands of people. And thus earn a lot of money . So much so that some people have even made it their job .

But what are you going to advertise for? And how do you come into contact with companies for which you are allowed to do so? There is an easy answer for that: There are special affiliate networks where you can register. There you can directly sign up for campaigns and programs from many different companies, from financial products to energy suppliers and providers of TV, internet and (mobile) calling!

Of all the networks that are online, we would like to specifically recommend Daisycon to you. This is the best affiliate network in the Netherlands . Here you will find a wide range of more than 1600 products and campaigns that you can immediately market on your social media channels. The money is then collected by Daisycon from the companies and then transferred to your bank account.

This is all automatic, so you don't have to do anything else such as invoicing. You also get free access to all kinds of promotional material such as images, banners and special links. These have already been designed and perfected to work really well in getting people to buy something.

Registration is free and without obligation . You will only be paid if you actually sell something, but you have no further obligations. However, there are certain rules that you must adhere to, such as that you cannot advertise as if you are the company you are working with. And so a number of things that you have to take into account. You can find all of this when you are registered.

2. Earning money with likes / likes

This option is deadly simple, the simplest. For the sake of convenience, we assume that you already have a Facebook account, right? Your own personal page with your own timeline containing your photos, videos, films, stories and everything that you have been tagged in by your friends.

You probably like things every day, whether it is from your friends or certain Facebook pages of, for example, your favorite brands. But did you know that you can also like and share things for a fee ?

For many large companies it is very attractive not only to express their advertisements on the internet themselves, but also to do so through you. Because if you promote something for them, it will come across as much more powerful.

Your friends will be more likely to read it and comment on the promotions as well. It can also be interesting for organizations that are not yet known themselves and have not yet built up a good brand of their own, but want to gain recognition.

The payment for a like or share differs per campaign but is often 1-10 cents at a time, no, no big amounts indeed, but there are many companies that do this. Moreover, 1 like only takes you 1 second to give. So make sure you hand out a lot of likes and you can earn a nice extra. You just have to find out where you can do this ...

The answer is: online savings programs . They collect from companies the promotions that you can share via social media and also ensure that you are paid. And indeed, not only Facebook, but also other social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and so on, lend themselves to making money this way.

Moreover, it is only one of the ways in which you can earn money with the savings programs . You can also click on banners, read e-mails, play games and so on. All for small rewards, but they add up quickly.

3. Facebook page / fan page / group

Earning with affiliate marketing through your own personal Facebook account is well and good, but it can be much bigger. You can also create your own Facebook page (fan page) or Facebook group for free. With that you can create your own brand, how cool is that.

Note that this can take a long time to build, as you do need to get followers and likes before people can see you. The best way to do this is to initially invite all your friends to like and follow your page. You will see that Facebook proactively recommends this. But after that you have to offer something that will keep people coming back.

Of course these are the cool promotions you want to sell, but that alone is not necessarily enough. To really create a brand, you have to repeatedly come up with nice posts that mainly lead people to read them, like them and keep coming back to read your new messages. This way you get more and more traffic on your channel and you can sell more and more.

Incidentally, with a successful page you can also sell your own products and if you are very popular even your own merchandise. The founders of popular channels simply sell clothes with their own logo on it. But if you become so popular, companies will also come around the corner that would like to advertise / show advertisements on your channel.

And you can ask quite a lot of money for that. That is why the potential of this option is huge: there have been people who not only made it their job but even became millionaires. Their Facebook page has grown into a real company.

4. Advertising through Facebook Ads

As soon as you have your own Facebook page, you can also advertise for a fee. Whether you do this for your own products, website or affiliate marketing, it doesn't matter. This means that your ads (the promotions and products you want to sell) will not only be seen by your followers, but also by other Facebook users who do not know you at all.

This has a double advantage , because not only will you sell more, you will probably also get more followers of your page so that you can reach them for free in the future. Please note that you have to invest money here and therefore consider carefully in advance whether you can also earn this back, let alone make a profit.

It can also be a great way to build your brand, or if you're a really good marketer, it can be a way to make money on its own. By selling more with your purchased ads than it cost you. Just run good campaigns for payment on Facebook or other social platforms and always make a profit, then you don't even need the followers or no page at all.

What works well by the way are films or videos. They stand out more and ensure more interaction and sales. Certainly among the younger target group. This is of course more difficult to make, but if you learn this, it can also yield a lot.

The advantage of Facebook is that it also owns Instagram. So if you post something on Facebook, you can also place it directly on Insta with one tick. then you can simultaneously earn money on FB and earn money on Instagram without extra effort.

About Facebook

Who does not know this social network? Especially after the film that appeared about it is 'The social network'. It shows how Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. You can create a personal profile for free and share messages and media such as photos and videos.

Since then it has grown tremendously and is even the largest social medium worldwide with more than 2 billion active members in 153 languages. The company behind it also grew rapidly and now has more than 35,000 employees and went public in 2012.

The company mainly earns from advertising sales and has a turnover above 55 billion dollars. Despite a small drop in earnings after the IPO, the platform continues to grow and make more and more profit. There has been a tarug fall in the number of members for a while, partly because of privacy problems. However, these seem to have been overcome and the network will remain the most important player in the market for the time being.

Frequently asked questions / FAQ

Do you have to pay taxes?

Yes, unfortunately that is no different, it is just a kind of income for the tax authorities. You state this in Box 1 as income from other activities.

Is participation free?

You don't have to create a Facebook account anymore because you already have one. Becoming a member of affiliate networks is free and creating your own Facebook page too.

How are you paid?

All options lend themselves to payment to your bank account. Simply in hard euros.