Money Saving Test

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save money test

On the basis of 15 short questions you can easily find out for yourself whether there are still options for cutting back on your fixed costs and individual expenses.

If your answers are YES , you are already on the right track. If you still have to answer NO , there is still plenty of room to win! We therefore immediately give advice on how to do this.

So free tips & tricks. With each question you also see how much you can save on an annual basis. In total, this can amount to more than $ 10,000.


1. Are you a member of a cashback site?


Cashback sites give you a discount at thousands of web shops, on top of offers. This can amount to 15%. Registration is even free. Don't miss out on free money and register with the best cashback sites in the Netherlands. Save $ 1000

2. Do you fill up with a discount?


Via UnitedConsumers you can get a fuel card that gives you a discount of 6 cents per liter. On all fuels (petrol, diesel, LPG and premium) at more than 600 filling stations in the Netherlands. Request it now for free! Save $ 150

3. Do you have cheap car insurance?


You can compare more than 100 car insurance policies via UnitedConsumers. Switch if your premium can be reduced. You also receive an extra 5% discount in the form of cashback. Free switching service. Save $ 150

4. Do you pay a low price for energy?


Via this comparator you can check whether you can get gas and light at a lower price. Switch if you find a cheaper deal, with switching service. Save $ 390

5. Is your home energy efficient?


You can do a lot yourself to improve that. Via the Energy Saving Shop you can buy all kinds of simple products such as efficient lamps and taps. Save $ 150

6. Is your house well insulated?


Apart from the small things you can do yourself via the Energy Saving Shop, you can also tackle it big. Request free and non-binding quotes for floor insulation and cavity wall insulation and save $ 400

7. Do you have solar panels?


You generate energy yourself with solar panels. This saves the bill and is also sustainable. And it increases the value of your home! Request non-binding and free quotes from up to 6 suppliers. Save $ 400

8. Do you have cheap TV, internet and landline telephone?


With an all-in-one subscription you pay less than individual subscriptions. This is also possible without TV or landline calling if you are not using it anyway. Compare prices from suppliers here. Save $ 175

9. Do you have the cheapest plan for your mobile?


Prices can vary greatly between providers, especially for the latest smartphones. So comparing is very smart. You can compare mobile phone plans here . Save $ 140

10. Is Sim Only an option?


If your current phone is still good, it is wise to go for a Sim Only subscription. That is much cheaper. Compare Sim Only plans and save $ 180

11. Do you have affordable health insurance?


Health insurance is compulsory, but at the same time costs quite a bit of money. You really care about comparing insurers. Zorgkiezer is a specialist in this, so see if you can switch to a better deal and save $ 200

12. Are you entitled to healthcare allowance?


And how much can you get? Do not you know? Via you can have this checked out for you free of charge and then immediately request it. This saves you up to $ 2,112.

13. Are you entitled to Housing Allowance?


Via you can just as easily find out whether you are entitled to rent allowance. You may also be able to get this as a student or in the state pension. That is good news because this can amount to $ 4,248.

14. Do you have a cheap mortgage?


You can also lower your housing costs in an owner-occupied home. You can switch an existing mortgage to a lower interest rate. You can have this calculated without obligation + free telephone consultation via

15. Do you ever rent out your car for payment?


On days when you are not using it, you can rent the car through Snappcar. You will receive money for this to cover the costs of your car. 35 $ per day! Easily save / earn $ 1000 on an annual basis