10 Best Online Savings Programs with No Account Score

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best savings programs in the Netherlands

The best programs

These are the reliable savings programs in the Netherlands, all without an account score . We especially recommend that you register as much as possible so that you can earn more.

Top 10 Experiences
1. Euroclix
  • Most earning possibilities;
  • Highest rewards;
  • Very trustworthy;
  • Pay out quickly to your bank account;
  • Sign-up bonus of $ 2.55 *
2. Cashze
  • One of the first savings programs;
  • Many click emails;
  • Especially many paid clicks;
  • Start bonus of $ 1, -
3. iPay
  • Discount at many web shops;
  • Many click emails;
  • Sign-up bonus of $ 1.25
4. NuCash
  • Also paid surveys ;
  • Excellent compensation;
  • Sign-up bonus of $ 1, -
5. _ Crazy Gold
  • Funny website;
  • Good pay;
  • Sign-up bonus of $ 1, -
6. Save Portal
  • Lots of cashback options;
  • Plenty of ways to save or save money;
  • Sign-up bonus of $ 2, -
7. Cashback
-_- Discount.nl

  • Many options for cashback;
  • Save in all kinds of ways;
  • Start bonus of $ 7.50
8. Survey Club
  • Many ways of earning;
  • Good number of surveys to save extra;
  • Start bonus of $ 7.50
9. Geldrace.nl
  • Funny site, great rewards;
  • Fun games to earn;
  • Sign up bonus of $ 1.25
10. Instantly Earned
  • Higher click fee if you participate in promotions
  • A lot of cashback possible
  • Sign-up bonus of $ 2, -

Why are these the best?

In order to determine which sites are or are not worthy of being on this top list, we pay attention to three aspects:

Without account score

One of the first things we look at is the possible presence of account score . This concept is something that we do not like or enjoy ourselves. In short: it obliges you as a member to participate in a minimum number of promotions (which may even cost money). If you don't, you cannot have your earnings paid out.

This means that participation is not without obligation . And we don't think that's the intention. There are plenty of savings sites that do not require this from you and deserve even better. That is why there are no sites with an account score in our Top 10.

This does not necessarily mean that such sites like extraeuro and cash here do not score well on the other quality attributes as we discuss further below, but for us this is so important that they are dropped just for having the infamous account score.


Of course it is also very important that a get-paid-to site (another name for savings program) is reliable. This is particularly evident from three things as far as we are concerned:

1) No strings attached: clear conditions and you will only receive advertising emails & promotions that indeed enable you to earn money. So your data will not be resold, for example, and your privacy is guaranteed.

2) Perhaps more importantly, your earnings are properly and accurately tracked, whether from paid clicks or cashback. Actions that you participate in should also not take too long to be approved, so that you quickly get your reward added to your account balance.

3) And most importantly: from your account balance it should also be able to be paid out smoothly without errors. Whether this is in gifts, gift certificates / vouchers or in cash to your bank account. This must be arranged quickly.

Earn well

Of course this is a super important part. You only participate in savings programs with one goal: to earn money. So if you can earn more with a site, that's a very good sign. This is determined by a number of things:

Firstly , it depends on the number of options / ways available to make money. Many savings programs cannot offer all methods by far. That reduces the total possible earnings.

Secondly, it is also about the quantity. If you receive more click emails and paid banners, you can earn more. Just as you can make more surveys, there are more cashback options, more games and so on.

The third and last thing is, of course, the reward per task performed. Great if, for example, you would receive 100 click emails per day, but if the fee is only 0.0001 cents then it still doesn't make sense. So fair pay per click / survey etc. is very important. With that you also have to spend less time to earn a certain amount together.

Reviews of all Savings Programs

Is a savings programs not in our top 10? But are you considering signing up anyway? First take a look at our page with reviews to see if you can find the site there, and if so, read through the experiences in the review first.

There is a good chance that we advise against the site, because it does not meet one or more of the above requirements. In the reviews you will find all the pros and cons and an assessment of all important aspects for these types of websites. Also a table in which you can find which ways of earning each savings program offers.