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Do you have to register yourself with

In other words, is this a good survey panel where you can make money online?

In any case, they are NOT in the Top 10 best paid survey sites in the Netherlands ...

Oops, spoiler alert!

Be sure to read the review if you want to know more, but you can guess how it ends now :-)

In this review:

Pros and cons

The site looks and feels a bit old-fashioned, not modern in any case.

The activation link did not work when registering, but we were able to log in afterwards.

There is very little information on the site about rewards and how much you can earn.

Nice that you can earn credits with friends, but converted you only get 3 cents per friend ?!

About Respondent Database

The website and panel has existed since 2012 and is owned by CHJ Internet. This is another company owned by internet entrepreneur Chris Bakker. He has several websites and this is the only one of its kind as an online consumer panel.

The purpose of the website is to create a database of respondents as the name suggests. In doing so, members can earn money. On the other hand, companies can therefore conduct their market research here.

How does it work?

As you can expect with an online research panel, because they all work somewhat the same. It starts with registration, of course, which is free and also without obligation. You provide direct information about yourself such as income and family composition.

Then you will receive invitations for research, which earn you credits. You will always be shown in advance what the expected duration and reward will be for a questionnaire, so that you can still consider whether you can / want to participate.

You save the credits in your account. You can then exchange this for money, which will be transferred to your bank account, or you can have it donated to a good cause. A transfer to your account from $ 10, - and a donation to a good cause from $ 5, -

How much will you earn?

We do not get the impression that there are many surveys to participate in. The site looks a bit neglected as a whole. Many pages do not work either, such as the FAQ for respondents or the page about the affiliate program that we do not know if it exists.

The low reward for bringing in friends does not bode well either. No, this panel is not one that has one of the better fees.

Is this panel reliable?

We are not really sure, because we have not yet been able to request payment. But again the look and feel of the site does not give a pleasant feeling. In addition, there is no real privacy statement and the general terms and conditions have not been updated since 2016 ... we do not think that they meet the conditions of the AVG / GDPR regarding the protection of your personal data.

So to draw a cautious conclusion, no we don't think we can give this panel a pass on this point.


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