Is the Research Group reliable? Reviews and Experiences

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Pay attention! The Research Group no longer exists! Check out the best survey sites or our page about taking surveys for money .


Is it wise to become a member of De OnderzoekGroep? Are they reliable?

We will answer that question for you in this review.

Our site is about all kinds of ways to make money on the internet, including a page about completing surveys for money or gift and coupons.

On that page you will see that in our opinion The Research Group is not one of the better research panels in the Netherlands. They are therefore not in our Top 10 reliable survey sites . Below you can read why we made that choice, with an assessment of all the important features and a look at reliability.

In this review:

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Pros and cons

You will not receive any financial reward for participating in research;

Sometimes there is a draw with gift vouchers as a prize, but that is very little earnings;

They are often longer inquiries and you are also often called. Pretty annoying!

The studies are interesting and have interesting topics.

How does it work?

As with all survey sites, you can earn money by completing surveys. At De Onderzoek Groep, however, you will not receive a reward for each completed survey in the form of money, gift or vouchers or lottery tickets. Only very occasionally can you hope that there is a lottery.

However, we think the point with this website is that you will first be called before each survey whether you want to participate. Then also ask a few control questions to see if you fit into the target group. This is just pretty annoying! At other survey sites you only receive an email and you can participate whenever you want. Once the Research Group has you on the phone, they are quite annoying that you MUST participate.

How much can you earn?

Basically nothing, it is best to take that into account. You really should do this because you enjoy participating in studies and giving your opinion on things and maybe making a difference.

Is The Research Group reliable?

Yes, that's how they come across to us. After all, we unsubscribed at one point and we really never had a call or a mail again. That's pretty neat. So it doesn't hurt to try it out.


Not suitable for making money. So don't become a member if you are looking for that. There is no reward, no earnings.