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Earning money by participating in paid research?

You would think that could very well be done via

But is this website reliable and safe ?

We will tell you this in this review.

Dr Mike Hinze deals with all kinds of money matters, including making money on the internet. And one of the best ways to do that in online surveys . You get money for that at many sites, or coupons and gifts. However, not all are equally good and fair.

And to bring the bad news right away: ParticipateOnResearch is not in our Top 10 best survey websites . So it is better to register with those ten sites.

Okay, that's a big spoiler alert ... below you can read why we find this exactly substantiated with the assessment / review of the important points and the reliability.

In this review:

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Negatives and pros

   The reward per completed survey is good enough on average, but differs greatly from time to time;

Withdrawal is possible by PayPal of $ 10, and that money can go back to your bank account!

   There are far too few studies available to earn a full (additional) income;

   You are too often invited to studies that are not intended for you.

About the website, formerly known as Proef and still part of Uncharted Ltd, claims to be one of the largest providers of paid market research and surveys in the Netherlands. They have more than 10,000 members.

It is just a website, not a research agency of its own . For this they work together with Cint. You will receive invitations for questionnaires through that system. This platform ensures that the surveys are sent to specific target groups on behalf of the companies they work for. This is a gigantic party with 40,000,000 members, by the way.

What also does is register the rewards and the payment thereof.

How does it work?

Paid participation in research actually works the same on almost all sites that offer this. You complete online questionnaires. In principle, this can be done via any device that has internet. So a laptop, desktop computer, telephone (smartphone) or tablet.

In the survey you always give your opinion on topics that people want to know more about. In addition, it is important that you are honest and do not try to rush, because they can check on that.

Sometimes there can also be telephone surveys or another form such as online communities or a product that you can test at home. But that's not often.

With the information, clients learn more about their opinion on certain matters. This allows them to improve their products or services, but sometimes also their advertisements or customer service.

So they have a financial interest in that and so it is no problem for them to pay you for it. Of course they pay and they pay you again. A great situation in which everyone wins.

Registering yourself costs nothing and is without any obligation. We do, however, advise you to complete your registration as completely as possible. You can fill in a whole series of questions to make your so-called profile characteristics known. With this they can ensure that you only receive the right surveys that are intended for your target group .

If this goes wrong, you will often be removed from the questionnaire after a few questions, and sometimes unfortunately only after a lot of work, and you will not receive a reward! A waste of everyone's time as far as we are concerned. So fill in those characteristics and keep them up to date from time to time.

You will receive the invitation for an investigation by e-mail. You have to decide for yourself whether or not you want to participate or not, because again: there is no obligation. But then you do not earn a cent, you understand that.

Before you start an investigation, you will be informed how long it takes on average to complete and what the reward is. Can you properly assess whether it is worth it and whether you have enough time. Immediately after the end of the investigation, the earnings will be released to your account.

You save the total amount up to at least $ 10, so that you can pay it out via PayPal. This only takes a few days and to transfer it back to your bank account from there only takes 2 to 3 days.

How much will you earn?

Unfortunately not very much. You have probably seen with the pros and cons that the fees per study are not the problem in themselves. This is precisely due to the number of studies you are invited to.

These are not very many. And because they are often questionnaires that are not intended for you but a different target group, you are often not allowed to complete them, so that you still do not receive any reward . Very unfortunate, and disappointing more than once.

Is Participation Research Reliable?

You can determine whether a research panel is reliable and safe from a number of points: firstly, it is important that they handle your personal data well. As far as no complaints, on their website they are also very clear that they think this is important.

Secondly, it is important whether promises are kept and that rewards are therefore correctly tracked, and that the earnings are paid out well afterwards. In principle, this also always goes well in our experience. So yes it is a reliable and safe site.


If we add everything together, this panel is not worth focusing on. There are better panels, where we have put together a Top 10 best paid survey sites for you.

There you earn more, faster and easier. We are not going to actively discourage you from signing up, by the way, which can not hurt ... but don't expect too much from it.

You can build on the other ten sites that we do recommend. If you participate a bit actively, you can easily earn $ 300 per month and maybe double that!

Go for that first and if you have time to spare, you can just add as a bonus.