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It makes sense that you ask this question.

The information on the site site is not very clear, but you must enter all personal details.

We do believe that the site is safe, but ...

... you do n't really need to register with this website !

This company itself is not a market research agency or survey site at all. They just want you to sign up to the survey sites they partner with because that's what they earn. That is why they want your data so that they can then send you advertisements for those partners.

But why not just sign up directly with the best paid survey sites ? Click on the link and you will find a Top 10 websites for both the Netherlands and Belgium, and then you can decide for yourself which one you want to participate in!

In this review:

Pros and cons

They are not a research agency themselves, and are therefore not going to reward you for completing surveys / surveys.

Just want your data and then email advertising for your own partners. To earn that way.

Saying that you will earn / make $ 14 per hour, but that is absolutely unrealistic. Because most questionnaires have a fee of a few euros, and often even less than 1 US dollar! And there are also not enough studies that you can participate in unlimited. Of course filling in surveys for money is a very good method to earn (extra), but we want to keep expectations fair.

About PaidOnlineEnquê

Actually, you should classify this company or website as an intermediary. They buy ads from Google to get a lot of people on their site, who then basically only refer them to the partners who fund them.

Not a problem in itself if they would recommend good panels, but at the same time they also have an interest in only mentioning the good survey sites they work with. Do you get the best and correct information?

Moreover, it is not a Dutch / Belgian company, but an English company. How well do they know the market here?

How the site works

Register for free, check. Non-committal ... is actually not mentioned anywhere? So it costs you nothing, but what do you get in return. Anyway, let's say that you do indeed trust it so far and decide to give up your personal details (gender, full name, e-mail address and date of birth).

You can then indicate which of the partners you find interesting to receive information about, but you don't really know anything about this yet! So how can you determine this? It is also strange that the Privacy Statement states that paidonlineenquê may also send you messages about "other relevant ways to make money". This is quite broad.

Back to the basics: why don't they immediately say on their site who their partners are and who they recommend? That doesn't feel right. Fortunately, you can also register yourself directly at all good survey sites. Look for this in the Top 10 best paid surveys (for both the Netherlands and Belgium).

What will you earn?

They claim $ 14 per hour. This is just bullshit. Can happen very occasionally, but more often than not. We think you depend heavily on how many surveys are available to take. This also depends on your demographic data, because market research agencies often need a specific target group.

That's why it works best to sign up with multiple sites. You also need the time, of course, but because you can simply take the surveys online and therefore also on the road, that shouldn't be a problem in our opinion?

Is Paid Online Surveys (.nl) reliable?

It is a registered company that must comply with European data protection legislation. That will undoubtedly be good. However, we find their privacy policy somewhat vague with that comment about other ways of earning online. Then they can still send you all kinds of spam about vague investment sites, for example.

Final verdict

Participation has little added value. Better you register yourself immediately with the real survey sites. To get you started:

These are the 10 best survey sites (Top 10 Belgium AND The Netherlands). You can decide for yourself which one you want to participate in and which one you prefer not to register yourself with. Depends on your personal preferences and goals.