Enquêteplein.nl Reliable? Reviews & Experiences

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Is it wise to register with Enqueteplein.nl?


Does it make sense or is it necessary?


Enqueteplein is not a research agency, but just a site that wants your e-mail address to then refer you to real survey sites.

But you can also register yourself directly there . These are the 10 best survey sites in the Netherlands and Belgium.

It's that simple. If you want more information, please read on.

In this review:

Pros and cons

They are not a research company, they are not going to pay you to fill out surveys .

They want your email to send you advertising. To make money from you.

As you can read in the privacy statement, they also place tracking cookies on your PC to show you advertisements.

About Enquêteplein.nl

This site is actually an intermediary. They ask for your email and then send out advertisements for survey sites they partner with. So they will not pay or reward you themselves, but simply want to earn money from you. That's okay, but why this way?

They can also tell you directly which panels are good and which ones might not? We are sorry to see that.

How does it work?

You can register for free and without obligation at Enqueteplein. In itself positive so far, it will cost you nothing. You will then receive e-mails from them recommending panels they work with. Still nothing wrong with that.

By bringing you in, they get money from the survey sites. Of course their right, but this means that they have a certain interest in which panels they do and do not recommend you. And there are really good panels among them, but also less good panels that are actually wasted effort.

You can also simply register yourself directly with the best survey sites. You can find it on our page about earning money by completing surveys . You can read for yourself what the positive and negative points are and choose where to register yourself or not.

If you want more information per panel, you can also read our reviews and experiences about surveys . We have written an extensive article for each panel. The reviews on Enquêteplein.nl are almost all completely empty ...

How much can you earn?

Very much! But if you also register with the bad panels, it is only a waste of your time and you will ultimately earn less money. We know that you can earn $ 300 to $ 500 with these panels. If you have more time to spare, then you can also participate in the bad research panels!

Is Enquêteplein reliable?

We are not going to say that they are not reliable. But we do see signs that are of some concern to us. Such as the empty reviews, such as the fact that they want your e-mail address while also being able to tell you right away what the good survey panels are.

Because who knows what they will do with your email later? Spamming? Resell? It could just be ...


There is no point in registering, it costs you unnecessary time and an extra step, while you can also register with the right panels yourself. You also don't run the risk of bad advertisements.

As a reminder again: these are the 10 best survey sites in the Netherlands (and Belgium). You can know for yourself whether and with which you want to become a member.