SurveyBee Reliable? Experiences / Review

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Can be trusted?

Yes of course.

But does it make sense to sign up for it?

No, not that ...

This site is not even a survey panel in itself, but just a devious website that wants your data, in order to be able to refer you to the actual survey sites. (That makes them money of course!)

But we can also tell you what the Top 10 best paid survey sites in the Netherlands are. You can register yourself there immediately :-)

You can decide which one you choose, but the more you participate, the more you earn!

In this review:

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Pros and cons

They are not a survey panel themselves, so they are not going to reward / pay you .

They just want your contact information to pass it on to "real" survey sites, because that's what they get money for.

You don't need this website anyway, you can just read the Top 10 best survey sites here .

What is SurveyBee?

In any case, it is not a survey site, rather an intermediary that very cleverly refers people to actual survey panels to make money with it. Those sites pay for that.

It is part of AW Media, a part company that specializes in online marketing. Precisely because they are good at this, they can take a nice place between the real survey parties and the people who are looking for ways to earn money online, because they always come out higher in the search engines like Google.

The fact that they sometimes do that with somewhat misleading information, such as that they say that you are going to earn $ 5 per survey, is only a bit of a shame!

How does it work?

Registration is free and without obligation. All you need to enter is your name and email, and SurveyBee will send you promotional emails from their partners who do and pay for real surveys. And yes, we believe there are good parties among them, where you can make questionnaires against payment in exchange for money or coupons.

The unfortunate thing is that they will also promote other types of websites at some point, because yes they want to continue to earn money from you. In that case, you do not approve a limited number of information emails in advance, but they may continue to use your email indefinitely. That's a bit of a shame.

How much can you earn?

A lot because SurveyBee will try to bring you to as many survey panels as possible, as long as they can make money from it. The unfortunate thing is that they will of course also think about their own wallets and will therefore also present you with less good research panels that are in fact a waste of your time.

By completing paid surveys you can earn as much as $ 300 to $ 500 per month, but only if you do this through the highest paying survey panels . You can find this yourself, you don't need this service at all.

Is reliable?

We cannot say that this website is not reliable, nor the company behind it. There are also few complaints about it on the internet, often a good sign, but we do see things that make us uncomfortable.

For example, the privacy statement has not been updated for 4 years and they say they share your data with all companies that they think are of interest to you. That is quite a broad concept! So there is a chance that you will receive unwanted mail.


In fact, it makes no sense to register, because it only costs you unnecessary time while you can simply register yourself directly with the best panels. You do not have to hand over your data to additional sites such as

Therefore, again to repeat: just take a look here because the reliable survey sites are (Netherlands & Belgium) and decide for yourself in which and how many of these panels you want to participate. Keep in mind that more panels will also immediately mean more earnings !