MetroOpinion Reliable? Experiences / Review

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Is it wise to become a member of MetroOpinion ?

Or in other words, is it a good idea?


Yes it is too simplistic ... but their panel certainly hear it in the list of 10 best survey sites in the Netherlands! So register here ...

Why we find this so read in below, with a full rating and review on the important points.

In this review:

Pros and cons

They pay out in cash via PayPal or in receipts, whichever you prefer;

They have enough studies and also nice surveys;

They give a fair reward for completing which depends on the length of time

What is MetroOpinion?

This website and the panel behind it is part of a company from Denmark called Opinodo ApS. They are not a research agency, but they do manage their own panel and conduct the studies through the software of CINT, a company from Sweden. The payouts also run via this software.

However, the advantage is that they can offer more studies because they also work with other parties than just CINT. That way you have more work and you can earn more.

How does it work?

Very simple actually. First register yourself (for free) and then enter your profile characteristics . With this MetroOpinion can ensure that you only receive the correct examinations. Which is great, otherwise you will all receive wrong invitations for surveys that you cannot participate in. More on that later.

But then you can actually already start. By logging in you can see if there are already surveys available to take, and every time a new one is added you will receive a notification by email. It always states what the reward is and how long it should take on average to complete it.

You can decide for yourself whether you participate or not, that is not mandatory. But then of course you don't earn anything, you understand. As soon as you have earned a total of 10 US dollars, you can have this paid out via PayPal, which takes up to 3 days, and from there back to your bank account. You can also spend it directly via PayPal. And if you don't want those options, you can always opt for vouchers.

What do you earn there?

How much you earn exactly depends on how many surveys you can complete. And that again depends on which target group you fall into. Brands and companies usually want to do their research among a specific type of people and you have to belong to that.

For example, if you never drink beer, Heineken will be less likely to invite you to their questionnaire, and if you are a woman you will not be invited to a tampon survey. Logical right?

The advantage of MetroOpinion is that the fee per single survey is good. They do this very honestly by looking at the time it takes you to complete it. This varies from a few dimes for the short questions to 5 US dollars for the longer studies.

Is MetroOpinion reliable?

Yes that are they. They are members of the major industry associations, so they won't do anything strange with your data. But normally, for reliability, we mainly pay attention to whether your reward is properly registered and whether your earned balance is paid out correctly and quickly, regardless of whether this is to your bank account, PayPal or in the form of a voucher.

And this is all fine. In fact, because they pay out via PayPal, this is also very fast!


Be sure to sign up. You can also register with the rest of the top 10 best paid surveys so that you can earn more! If you become a member of all of them, we think that you can just bring in $ 300 to $ 500 in a month!