GFK Panel Reliable? Experiences / Review

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Registering yourself with the GFK Panel, is that smart or not?

We will answer that question for you!

* Spoiler Alert! *

GFK is in our top 10 best paid survey sites for both Belgium and the Netherlands. So just sign up :-)

Below you can read why we think this is based on a complete review and critical assessment of all parts.

In this review:

Pros and cons

Lots of surveys to make every week / month so you can earn more

Nice questionnaires that don't take too long

Good reliability score (see below)

Only earnings in gift cards, no cash to your bank account.

About GFK Group

The German company GFK Group, founded in 1934 again, is one of the four largest market research firms in the world. They have no fewer than 13,000 employees in more than 100 countries!

They have different branches of market research, with consumer research being an important branch with different online panels. So they do not have one panel but several panels with different subjects, you can read more about that below. The Dutch online panel has more than 100,000 members. They share their views on retail and media in particular.

How does the panel work?

As with all sites where you can earn by completing surveys, you will see that registering is free and without obligation. Make sure to fill in the profile characteristics carefully after registering so that you only receive the right invitations to participate in studies, in which you really belong to the target group . With every survey you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to participate at that moment.

For example, you can let that depend on the time it will take to fill in everything, because you always get an indication of that. You will also always be shown in advance what the reward is for the questionnaire. Fair enough.

The points you earn will be made available in your account immediately after completing the survey and can then be paid out in gifts in the GFK gift shop from a certain balance ($ 10).

Think of gift vouchers from, PlayStation,, Ticketmaster, HEMA, book vouchers, donating to charities (the Netherlands) or Proxis value codes, Sodexo gift vouchers, donating to 11.11.11. (Belgium)

As mentioned there are different panels to participate in:

What will you earn?

This of course depends a bit on how much time and effort you put into it. In addition, you also have to fall into the target group of the research often enough to be allowed to participate.

Nevertheless, you can still earn well with it. We think $ 10 to $ 20 per month. So if you combine it with the other good research panels from our top 10 reliable survey sites , this adds up nicely to a nice extra income. We believe that you can just make a few hundred US dollars with it, every month!

Is GFK reliable?

In our experience, absolutely. We have registered ourselves as a regular member to test this and always pay attention to a few fixed points, namely:

  1. Correct keeping of the balance, so you can quickly and easily add your reward to your account. Preferably immediately after you have completed an investigation;
  2. Be able to make payments accurately and without problems in coupons or gifts. This should not take too long before you can access it. So it must be on your account quickly / the receipt must be received quickly.

GFK scores more than fine on both points. We have experienced that as good and therefore have no complaints about it. Reliability is therefore guaranteed. This also applies to our visitors and you can find the same in other online reviews that paint exactly the same picture.

Our Judgment

… You have of course already read in the first lines of this article, and / or you have already formed a lot by going through the review: You should especially want to register! Whether this is for GFK Panel Netherlands , or the GFK Panel Belgium , GFK Smartscan Belgium and Mediajury Belgium which are also fine (but only for men 19-34 years old).

But they are also not the very best survey site because they are fairly low in the Top 10, so be sure to check which are the very best paid surveys . We especially recommend that you register for multiple / all panels, because then you will be able to do more studies and therefore earn more logically.